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Juba (SDJUM)

Juba, Jubek State, South Sudan

Port Code SDJUM Port Name Juba
City Juba Country/Region South Sudan
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Juba Port (port code: SDJUM) is the main river port in South Sudan. It forms part of a series of freshwater ports that runs the length of the country from Juba in the South to Renk on the border with Sudan along the River Nile.
General cargo barges docking in the port can contain anything from food and household goods, to building supplies, heavy engineering machinery, vehicles and fuel. Passenger barges carry IDPs from conflict areas in the north of the country also terminate at the port making the port an important transit area for IDPs.
No permanent mooring fixtures are available and barges are moored to mango trees growing on the riverbank or the single concrete jetty. Barges are normally moored as close to flat ground on the riverbank for loading/offloading.
The port has no permanent cargo handling equipment. It has one concrete jetty and gantry crane however the crane is frequently broken-down. Porters who physically load and offload cargo from boats and barges do the majority of cargo handling. For heavy and containerized cargo, equipment such as cranes can be hired in from private companies and owners for a fee.
The port is mainly concerned with the domestic movement of cargo and since the recent border closures, no customs facilities are available on site. Where applicable, customs clearance for cross-border cargo is handled at land at border entry points, or at downstream custom facilities.
The only means by which cargo can be moved out of the port is by road. Access to the port is generally unrestrictive and privately owned trucks are able to enter and exit the main port facility.

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