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Melilla (ESMLN)

Melilla, Melilla, Spain

Port Code ESMLN Port Name Melilla
City Melilla Country/Region Spain
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
The Port of Melilla (Port Code:ESMLN) is a cargo, fishing, and passenger port and marina located in Melilla, a Spanish autonomous city off the coast of North Africa. It is managed by the port authority of the same name. It competes against the neighbouring port of Beni Ansar (Nador). The port has a ferry connection to Málaga, Motril and Almería. By 2008 the port moved around 830,000 tonnes of cargo and 511,000 passengers.
A port existed in Phoenician and Punic Russadir that continued its activity under Roman rule after the fall of Carthage. During the Middle Ages the port presumably played a part in the interchange of gold, ivory, slaves and cereals imported by the Caliphate of Córdoba in exchange for perfume, leather, silk and fabric. During the time of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco, the iron ore mined from the hinterland was loaded in the port of Melilla by the Compañía Española de Minas del Rif [es] (CEMR).

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