Port List by city name starting with E

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Edithburgh AUEDI   Edithburgh City Port Australia
Eden AUEDN Feeder Port  Eden City Port Australia
Esperance AUESP Feeder Port  Esperance City Port Australia
Edmonton CAEDM  Dry Port Edmonton City Port Canada
Esquimalt CAESQ Feeder Port  Esquimalt City Port Canada
Embrach CHEBH  Dry Port Embrach City Port Switzerland
Easter Island CLEAI Feeder Port  Easter Island City Port Chile
Ezhou CNEZH  Dry Port Ezhou City Port China
Eckernforde DEECK Feeder Port  Eckernforde City Port Germany
Elsfleth DEELS Feeder Port  Elsfleth City Port Germany
Emden DEEME Feeder Port  Emden City Port Germany
Essen DEESS Feeder Port  Essen City Port Germany
Ebeltoft DKEBE Feeder Port  Ebeltoft City Port Denmark
Esbjerg DKESB Feeder Port  Esbjerg City Port Denmark
Esmeraldas ECESM Feeder Port  Esmeraldas City Port Ecuador
El Arish EGAAC Feeder Port  El Arish City Port Egypt
Ebeye FMEBE Feeder Port  Ebeye City Port Micronesia
Edinburgh GBEDI Feeder Port  Edinburgh City Port United Kingdom
Ellesmere Port GBELP Feeder Port  Ellesmere Port City Port United Kingdom
Exmouth GBEXM Feeder Port  Exmouth City Port United Kingdom
Eyemouth GBEYE Feeder Port  Eyemouth City Port United Kingdom
Stanlow GBSTA Feeder Port  Ellesmere Port Port United Kingdom
Eleusis GRELE Feeder Port  Eleusis City Port Greece
Eilat ILETH Feeder Port  Eilat City Port Israel
Etajima JPETA Feeder Port  Etajima City Port Japan
Eldoret KEEDL  Dry Port Eldoret City Port Kenya
El Jadida MAEJA Feeder Port  El Jadida City Port Morocco
Essaouira MAESS Feeder Port  Essaouira City Port Morocco
Aaiun MAEUN Feeder Port  El Aaiun City Port Morocco
Jorf Lasfar MAJOL Feeder Port  El Jadida Port Morocco
Ehoala MGEHL Feeder Port  Ehoala City Port Madagascar
El Marques MXEMQ  Dry Port El Marques City Port Mexico
Ensenada MXESEMain Port   Ensenada City Port Mexico
Endau MYEND Feeder Port  Endau City Port Malaysia
Escravos NGESC Feeder Port  Escravos City Port Nigeria
El Bluff NIELB Feeder Port  El Bluff City Port Nicaragua
Eemshaven NLEEM Feeder Port  Eemshaven City Port Netherlands
Europoort NLEUR Feeder Port  Europoort City Port Netherlands
Egersund NOEGE Feeder Port  Egersund City Port Norway
Cabo Blanco PECBL Feeder Port  El Alto Port Peru
Egvekinot RUEGV  Dry Port Egvekinot City Port Russia
Enkoping SEENK Feeder Port  Enkoping City Port Sweden
Eregli TRERE Feeder Port  Eregli City Port Turkey
Entebbe UGEBB Feeder Port  Entebbe City Port Uganda
Edgerton, KS USEEU  Dry Port Edgerton City Port USA
Eagle Pass, TX USEGP  Dry Port Eagle Pass City Port USA
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