Port List by city name starting with Z

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Zarate ARZAR Feeder Port  Zarate City Port Argentina
Zurich CHZRH  Dry Port Zurich City Port Switzerland
Zhengzhou CNCGZ  Dry Port Zhengzhou City Port China
Dongshan CNDSN Feeder Port  Zhangzhou Port China
Gulei CNGLE Feeder Port  Zhangzhou Port China
Gaolan CNGON Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Hongwan CNHGW Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Jiuzhou CNJZU Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Shenwan CNSNW  Dry Port Zhongshan Port China
Shenwan CNSNW  Dry Port Zhongshan Port China
Sanrong CNSRG Feeder Port  Zhaoqing Port China
Xiangzhou CNXGZ Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Xiaolan CNXIL Feeder Port  Zhongshan City Port China
Zhenjiang CNZHE Feeder Port  Zhenjiang City Port China
Zhuji CNZHJ  Dry Port Zhuji City Port China
Zhangjiagang CNZJG Feeder Port  Zhangjiagang City Port China
Zhoukou CNZKO  Dry Port Zhoukou City Port China
Zhanjiang CNZNG Feeder Port  Zhanjiang City Port China
Zhoushan CNZOSMain Port   Zhoushan City Port China
Zhaoqing CNZQG Feeder Port  Zhaoqing City Port China
Zhongshan INT'L CNZSI Feeder Port  Zhongshan Dock China
Zhongshan CNZSN Feeder Port  Zhongshan City Port China
Zhongshan Sinotrans CNZSS Feeder Port  Zhongshan Dock China
Zhuhai CNZUH Feeder Port  Zhuhai City Port China
Zhangzhou CNZZU Feeder Port  Zhangzhou City Port China
Zaragoza ESZAZ  Dry Port Zaragoza City Port Spain
Zadar HRZAD Feeder Port  Zadar City Port Croatia
Zagreb HRZAG  Dry Port Zagreb City Port Croatia
Zhezkazgan KZZHE  Dry Port Zhezkazgan City Port Kazakhstan
Zliten LYZLE Feeder Port  Zliten City Port Libya
Zuara LYZUA Feeder Port  Zuara City Port Libya
Zueitina LYZUE Feeder Port  Zueitina City Port Libya
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