Zadar Port (HRZAD)

Port Code HRZAD City Zadar
Port Name ZADAR Country/Region Croatia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Zadar Port (HRZAD)


      A port city in Western Croatia. Bordering on the Adriatic Sea in the west, it is the administrative center of Zadar county and the vast North Dalmatian region. Zadar is separated from ugreen island and pashman island by a narrow Zadar Strait. The Cape where the old city of Zadar is located was once separated from the mainland by a deep moat, which was later filled. Zadar port, with good berthing conditions, is located in the northeast of the city, with complete, spacious and safe port facilities. Zadar is also the center of the Catholic Diocese of Zadar. The population is 116000 (1981). There were settlements in the ninth century BC. From 1920 to 1947, it belonged to Italy and was named "Zara". After 1947, it belonged to Yugoslavia (now belongs to Croatia). Railway terminal, air station. Industries include fish processing, textile, leather, etc. There are Archaeological Museum and marine exhibition hall. Many medieval churches and Roman architectural remains. It's a place for recuperation and sightseeing.

      The maximum draft is 10.36m. The loading density of water is 1025. The tidal change is 0.6m. The wind is changeable. The port is managed by the zadas port authority. Forced pilot, VHF channel 16 for radio communication. Working hours: 6:00-22:00. The service facilities include ship repair, tugboat, fuel ship, dry dock, fresh water, motorboat, food supply, medical facilities and repatriation, etc. there is no pollution discharge. Zadar port is composed of city port and new commercial port. The port is mainly used by coastal cargo ships and passenger ships with a draft of 6.71 meters. The new commercial port pool is located about 4.83 km southeast of the entrance of Chenggang, with two berths for general cargo ships. The draughts are 6.10m and 10.36m respectively. The berth of the general cargo ship is 11.58 meters deep. The berths for oil tankers and liquid chemical tankers are 10.36 meters deep. Local shipyards can provide dry docks for various repairs. There is no crane on the shore, and a 9 ton water crane can be obtained. The railway track is laid on the wharf. The tug will be dispatched from spuit with prior notice.

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Summary of HRZAD

Zadar port(Port code: HRZAD) is located in the central part of the Croatian coast and is the historic center of Dalmatia. With a modern motorway network and close proximity to the airport, Zadar Cruise Port is an ideal port for Adriatic transit and turnaround business.
Zadar Cruise Port serves cruise passengers as well as international ferries, Ro-Ro vessels and vehicles. The cruise port infrastructure includes a total quay length with a maximum draft of 13 meters and 1170 meters, which can accommodate ships of any size. Now the terminal has already extended over 18000 m2 on two-storeys.