Zhongshan Port (CNZSN)

Port Code CNZSN City Zhongshan
Port Name ZHONGSHAN Country/Region China
Category Port City Route CHINA MAINLAND
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Zhongshan Port (CNZSN)


      Zhongshan port is a Hekou port located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is one of the top ten ports with annual cargo throughput in China. Including "Zhongshan port passenger terminal" and "foreign trade terminal".

Zhongshan port and shipping enterprise group

      It has a foreign trade transport fleet with 1000 ton container ships as the main force, with a transport capacity of more than 40000 tons and more than 4000 container positions; Moreover, in the eastern, northern and southern parts of Zhongshan area, there are special terminals for containers and bulk goods, with a land transport fleet of more than 200 container trailers; At present, the water land transport network has been connected to the Pearl River mainstream and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao; The group also has a number of large logistics warehouses, factory logistics park. He also participated in the construction and operation of Zhongshan bonded logistics center, the only B-type bonded logistics center in the western region of the Pearl River Delta.

Cargo terminal

      Zhongshan port cargo terminal and foreign trade terminal are located in Zhongshan port area of Torch Development Zone, which can also be referred to as Xiaolan port area in Xiaolan Town and Shenwan port area in Shenwan town.

Passenger terminal

      Zhongshan port passenger terminal (Zhongshan port) is the only cross-border passenger terminal in Zhongshan City, with daily flights to and from Hong Kong. With the rapid development of Zhongshan City in recent years, the external traffic is also increasingly busy. The municipal government plans to expand the wharf to meet the demand. At present, the passenger ferry service between Hong Kong and Zhongshan is undertaken by Zhujiang Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. (the operating company is Zhongshan Zhonggang passenger transport joint venture Co., Ltd.).


      Zhongshan port is divided into three main port areas: Zhongshan port in the East, Xiaolan port in the north and Shenwan port in the south. At present, the three ports have 23 berths, with a maximum berthing capacity of 5000 tons and a total coastline length of over 1600 meters. The port has an annual comprehensive throughput capacity of 8.4 million tons and an annual container handling capacity of 1.05 million TEUs, including nearly 200 gantry cranes, gantry cranes, front container cranes and other loading and unloading machines, with a total area of more than 300000 square meters.

Zhongshan port area

      Located in the east of the city, in the Hengmen canal (Hengmen waterway). The wharf has a coastline of 1000 meters, a berth length of 736 meters, a high pile beam slab structure, and a water depth of 3-9 meters at the front of the wharf. There are 12 berths, with a maximum reliable berthing capacity of 5000 tons; The port area covers an area of 239000 square meters, including 17500 square meters of warehouse area and 111000 square meters of yard area; There are nearly 300 port loading and unloading machines, including 9 40-45 ton portal cranes, 1 40 ton fixed mast crane, 6 40 ton front cranes, 1 stacker, 6 heavy box gantry cranes, 8 Jilin box gantry cranes, 18 forklifts, 100 land trailers and 150 trailers; The port has a cargo handling capacity of 3.8 million tons and a container handling capacity of 550000 TEU. Operate bulk cargo and container water transportation from Zhongshan port to Hong Kong, Macao and coastal areas of China; Port cargo handling, warehousing, tallying business; Land door-to-door delivery business connected with waterway transportation; Port cargo LCL and logistics distribution business; Container and bulk cargo land transport business; Class 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 dangerous goods handling and transportation business.

Xiaolan port area

      Xiaolan Town canal (Xiaolan waterway) Xiaolan port is located in Xiaolan Town in the north of Zhongshan City (113 ° 15 ′ 41 ″ e, 22 ° 40 ′ 7 ″ n), with a total area of 185000 square meters, a coastline of 365 meters, a cargo handling capacity of 3 million tons / year and a container handling capacity of 400000 TEUs / year. The company has perfect land loading and unloading facilities and land transport fleet of containers and general cargo. Large cranes of 40-50 tons are generally used at the terminals, and front cranes, gantry cranes and other advanced equipment are used at the rear. EDI data exchange and MIS port computer management information system shared with the customs are used to enable logistics and business flow to choose the nearest route and make transport organization more efficient, More cost saving.

Port cargo throughput (/ year): 3 million tons

Container throughput (/ year): 400000 TEUs

Bulk cargo throughput (/ year): 400000 tons

Shoreline length: 365 M

Wharf berth (1000 ton): 7

Total port area: 185000 square meters

Yard area: 70000 square meters

Shore water depth / channel water depth: 6m / 6.5m

Shenwan port area

      In the south of the city, Shenwan port at the mouth of Xijiang River Basin has a good software and hardware environment. The designed annual throughput of goods is 1.5 million tons and the container capacity is 200000 TEU. At present, the wharf has four berths, 240 meters in length, which can dock 3000 ton ships. There are one 20 ton gantry crane, two 40 ton gantry cranes and one 45 ton gantry crane in the front of the wharf. The total area of the yard is 56000 square meters, and the warehouse area is 3500 square meters. The rear yard is equipped with 1 heavy container gantry crane, 3 front cranes, 7 forklifts, and 8 Panel trucks. With advanced equipment and abundant transportation capacity, it has 44 trailers and 92 trailers, and the vehicles are equipped with GPS real-time monitoring; And has its own terminal management information system, video monitoring system.

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