Zhenjiang Port (CNZHE)

Port Code CNZHE City Zhenjiang
Port Name ZHENJIANG Country/Region China
Category Port City Route CHINA MAINLAND
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Introduction of Zhenjiang Port (CNZHE)


      Zhenjiang port (port of Zhenjiang, port code: cnzhe) is located in the Yangtze River Delta and Zhenjiang City in the middle of Jiangsu Province, at the intersection of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yangtze River. It is 87 km from Nanjing and 279 km from the estuary of the Yangtze River. Zhenjiang port is one of the main ports in China and one of the important trade ports in the Yangtze River Delta region. The ports are divided into Gaozi port, Longmen port, Zhenjiang port, Jianbi port, Dagang Port, Gaoqiao port and Yangzhong port. Zhenjiang port mainly serves the economic development and foreign trade of Zhenjiang City and Jiangsu Province, the development of Zhenjiang Economic Belt along the Yangtze River, and the transit transportation of bulk raw materials and foreign trade materials in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

geographical position

1. Coordinates: 119o 26 ′ 30 "E, 32o 13 ′ 00" n

2. Tidal range: the maximum tidal range is 2.10m, and the minimum tidal range is 1.0m

3. Channel draft limit: 9.5m.

4. Water diversion service: working hours of the pilot: 24 hours; Starting place of water diversion: Baoshan water diversion station.

5. Whether to enter the port for navigation after sunset: not allowed.

6. Tugboat: 2x1670hp 3x980hp 2x428hp

7. Floating crane: 15 metric tons.

8. Supply services: fuel, fresh water, food.

9. High frequency radio phone: Channel: 11 16 23; Working hours: 24 hours.

10. Port storage: the warehouse area is 14500 square meters, and the yard area is 124000 square meters.

11. Main import and export goods: import: wood, mineral sand, coal, scrap copper; Export: cotton, grain, groceries

Wharf distribution

Dagang Branch of Zhenjiang Port Group Co., Ltd

      Dagang Branch is the largest production and operation unit of Zhenjiang port group. It is located in Dagang foreign trade port area of Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone. It has excellent deep-water coastline. The water depth of the main entrance channel is - 11 meters and the width of the deep-water channel is 1200 meters. 50000 DWT ships can be navigable all the year round. The special railway line of the port area connects the Shanghai Nanjing railway trunk line, and the port highway directly connects the Shanghai Nanjing Expressway and Runyang Yangtze River Bridge, It has the unique advantages of river sea, rail, highway and water combined transportation.

      At present, the company has one 70000 DWT berth, six 25000 DWT berths, three 5000 DWT berths and one inland port pool in phase I and II projects, with a total extension of 3175 meters; It has 217 sets of various mechanical equipment and supporting special tools, 626100 square meters of storage yard, 68700 square meters of warehouse, 1355 registered employees, more than 900 migrant workers, and more than 40000 tons of day and night production capacity of bulk cargo berth. The company has established trade and transportation business with 288 ports in more than 70 countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, etc. It mainly deals in more than 30 types of goods, such as iron ore, coal, sulfur, phosphate rock, cement clinker, grain, fertilizer, steel, etc., and can provide processing services such as bag loading, bagging, pouring and unpacking, The job satisfaction rate is the first-class along the Yangtze River.

Container terminal of Zhenjiang Port Group Co., Ltd

      It is one of the most advanced specialized container terminals in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

The company is located in the new port area of Dagang phase III of Zhenjiang port, with vast hinterland of goods supply and good traffic conditions. Land and water transportation have extremely convenient location and traffic conditions. The highway in the port area is connected with the main transportation trunk roads such as Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, 312 national highway, 104 National Highway and riverside highway, extending in all directions. The special railway line goes directly to the port area. Nanjing Lukou International Airport and Changzhou airport are close at hand. After the completion of Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge, the traffic connection between the port area and Northern Jiangsu will be closer.

      At present, there are two special container berths with a length of 638 meters, a yard area of 400000 square meters, a special warehouse of 10000 square meters, an annual throughput capacity of 600000 TEUs, and a capacity of 350 tons for single heavy piece and equipment, which can provide customers with a series of services such as container loading and unloading, disassembly and assembly, warehousing, logistics, and loading and unloading, storage and transportation of heavy piece equipment. There are 130 regular container domestic and foreign trade flights per week, 40 regular foreign trade feeder barges per week, and 20 vessels per day.

      At present, there are three container bridge cranes with a maximum load of 60 tons. At the same time, they are equipped with the most advanced double container spreader in China, which can lift two standard containers at the same time; There are 6 tire cranes, 2 front cranes, 4 empty forks, 21 horizontal transport trailers and 19 forklifts. At the same time, it also has an advanced digital production management system, which provides a safe and effective information platform for the efficient operation of terminal loading and unloading production. At present, the average efficiency of a single machine is nearly 30 natural containers per hour, up to 85 natural containers, which is at the first-class level of the Yangtze River terminal.

Longmen branch of Zhenjiang Port Group Co., Ltd

      Longmen port has superior natural conditions. The port area is flat with straight coastline, open water area and complete port infrastructure. The hydraulic structure of the terminal is suitable for 30000 DWT and 50000 DWT sea going ships, and has the handling capacity of miscellaneous and bulk cargo. The water depth at the front of the wharf is kept above - 12m throughout the year, and 30000-50000 DWT ships can be navigable throughout the year.

      On September 17, 2004, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government approved the opening of the Longmen port terminal of Zhenjiang port. There are 128000 square meters of storage yard and 2600 square meters of warehouse in the port area. All kinds of loading and unloading machinery and equipment are complete: 2 sets of 10t Gantry Crane, 2 sets of 25t / 33m (40t / 25m) gantry crane, 15 sets of loaders and supporting horizontal transport machinery. Another 1525 floating cranes (barges) and 525 floating cranes (barges) are set respectively, which are berths for 2000 ton river ships.

Port tug

      Eight conventional tugs are "Zhengang tug 501, Zhengang tug 901, Zhengang tug 902, Zhengang tug 903, Zhengang tug 1001, Zhengang tug 1002, Zhengang tug 1003, Zhengang tug 1004",

3 + 1 rotary tugs "zhengangtuo 3001, zhengangtuo 3002, zhengangtuo 4001 and zhengangtuo 4002 will be put into operation"

Other companies: Jianbi Power Plant "Huayuan 3008", etc

natural condition

Wind condition: normal wind to the East, strong wind to the northwest, annual wind days greater than 17 m / s 15.6 days.

Precipitation: the annual average precipitation is 1066.2 mm, and the precipitation days with an annual average of more than 10 mm are 31.4 days, generally concentrated in June to September.

Fog condition: the annual average fog day is 25.8 days, mostly in winter. Generally, fog starts in the early morning and dissipates around 9 am.

Temperature: the annual average temperature is 15.4 ℃, the highest is 40.9 ℃, the lowest is - 12.7 ℃, and the hottest is from July to August.

Ice condition: there is no ice in Zhenjiang port.

Tide: the port is located in the tidal reach of the Yangtze River, which rises and falls twice a day. The highest tide level is 6.48m, the lowest is -0.66m, and the average tidal range is 0.90M.

Tidal current: there is obvious countercurrent with the velocity of 0.5-1 M / s.

No entry is allowed after sunset.

Navigation information

Channel: the old port area in the urban area has evolved into a semi closed harbor on the south side of the main stream of the Yangtze River. The access channel is located in the upstream of dingyizhou No.8 Hongfu, with a length of 4012 meters, a bottom width of 120 meters and a water depth of 4.5 meters (Yellow Sea datum level). It can be used for navigation of ships under 3000 tons. There is a beacon at both ends of the channel. At high tide, the flow direction in the basin is clockwise and the velocity is fast. There are 49 navigation signs in Hong Kong, including 6 light posts, 11 beacons, 28 buoys, 2 lighthouses and 2 traffic signal stations.

Anchorage: there are 6 anchorages in Hong Kong, among which Gaozi, hechangzhou and Gaoqiao are unmanned barge bases; Dingyizhou anchorage is the anchorage of the operation center, which is located in the south of dingyizhou no.6-8 Hongfu connecting line. It is 2000 meters long, 350 meters wide, 4-8 meters deep, and the sediment is the bottom material. It is used by the river ship formation team. Qinglongshan anchorage is located 1km downstream of Qinglongshan wharf. It is a buoy type anchorage for ocean going ships. It is equipped with three class a buoys and can moor two 25000 DWT ocean going ships for lightering at the same time. Luochengzhou anchorage is located in the north of No. 6-7 light floating line of luochengzhou. It is 1500 meters long, 350 meters wide, 10-13 meters deep, and the bottom material is silt. It is the anchorage for joint inspection of foreign ships.

Carrying capacity

      The approved throughput capacity of Zhenjiang Port Group Co., Ltd. is 10.74 million tons. Through continuous efforts, increasing infrastructure construction, purchasing machinery and equipment, and strengthening internal management, the throughput capacity of Zhenjiang Port Group Co., Ltd. has been greatly improved.

In 2000, it completed 8.99 million tons of cargo throughput, 2.6 million tons of foreign trade and 27900 TEUs of containers;

In 2001, the cargo throughput was 9.91 million tons, the foreign trade volume was 3.63 million tons, and the container volume was 34900 TEUs;

In 2002, the cargo throughput was 11.8 million tons, the foreign trade volume was 4.57 million tons, and the container volume was 52000 TEUs;

In 2003, the cargo throughput was 14.95 million tons, the foreign trade volume was 4.68 million tons, and the container volume was 65900 TEUs;

In 2004, it completed 27.76 million tons of cargo throughput, 6.37 million tons of foreign trade and 76000 TEUs of containers;

In 2005, it completed 33.04 million tons of cargo throughput, 7.82 million tons of foreign trade, and 98000 TEUs of containers, of which the natural tons of iron ore transit exceeded 10 million tons, ranking first in the Yangtze River port, and the comprehensive carrying capacity of the terminal ranked fourth in the Yangtze River port;

In 2006, it completed 35 million tons of cargo throughput, 8.01 million tons of foreign trade and 139000 TEUs of containers;

In 2007, the cargo throughput was 39.138 million tons and the container volume was 191000 TEUs;

In 2008, it completed 42.08 million tons of cargo throughput and 192 000 TEUs of containers;

In 2009, the cargo throughput was 42.18 million tons, the foreign trade volume was 11.3 million tons, and the container volume was 197000 TEUs.

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