Port List by city name starting with H

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Herat AFHEA  Dry Port Herat City Port Afghanistan
Hay Point AUHAY Feeder Port  Hay Point City Port Australia
Hobart AUHBA Feeder Port  Hobart City Port Australia
Risdon AURIS Feeder Port  Hobart Port Australia
Hemiksem BEHEM Feeder Port  Hemiksem City Port Belgium
Hamilton,BM BMBDA Feeder Port  Hamilton City Port United Kingdom
South Riding Point BSSRP Feeder Port  High Rock Port Bahamas
Amherst CAAST Feeder Port  Harve Aubert Port Canada
Halifax CAHAL Feeder Port  Halifax City Port Canada
Hamilton,CA CAHAM Feeder Port  Hamilton City Port Canada
Hantsport CAHAN Feeder Port  Hantsport City Port Canada
Harbour Grace CAHGR Feeder Port  Harbour Grace City Port Canada
Holyrood CAHOL Feeder Port  Holyrood City Port Canada
Haver St.Pierre CAHSP Feeder Port  Haver St.Pierre City Port Canada
Huasco CLHSO Feeder Port  Huasco City Port Chile
Haikou CNHAK Feeder Port  Haikou City Port China
Hangzhou CNHAZ  Dry Port Hangzhou City Port China
Handan CNHDS  Dry Port Handan City Port China
Heyuan CNHEY Feeder Port  Heyuan City Port China
Hefei CNHFI Feeder Port  Hefei City Port China
Haining CNHIN  Dry Port Haining City Port China
Hengyang CNHNY  Dry Port Hengyang City Port China
Harbin CNHRN  Dry Port Harbin City Port China
Huangshi CNHSI Feeder Port  Huangshi City Port China
Heshan CNHSN Feeder Port  He Shan City Port China
Huludao CNHUD Feeder Port  Huludao City Port China
Huizhou CNHUI Feeder Port  Huizhou City Port China
Huzhou CNHZH Feeder Port  Huzhou City Port China
Heredia CRHER  Dry Port Heredia City Port Costa Rica
La Habana CUHAV Feeder Port  Havana City Port Cuba
Altona DEALT Feeder Port  Hamburg Port Germany
Haiger DEHAI  Dry Port Haiger City Port Germany
Hannover DEHAJ  Dry Port Hannover City Port Germany
Hamburg DEHAMMain Port   Hamburg City Port Germany
Heidelberg DEHEI  Dry Port Heidelberg City Port Germany
Heiligenhafen DEHHF Feeder Port  Heiligenhafen City Port Germany
Hilden DEHID  Dry Port Hilden City Port Germany
Husum DEHSM Feeder Port  Husum City Port Germany
Wilhelmsburg DEWLG Feeder Port  Hamburg Port Germany
Elsinore DKELS Feeder Port  Helsinger Port Denmark
Hasle DKHAS Feeder Port  Hasle City Port Denmark
Hirtshals DKHIR Feeder Port  Hirtshals City Port Denmark
Helsingor DKHLS Feeder Port  Helsinger City Port Denmark
Hobro DKHOB Feeder Port  Hobro City Port Denmark
Holbaek DKHOL Feeder Port  Holbaek City Port Denmark
Horsens DKHOR Feeder Port  Horsens City Port Denmark
Hadsund DKHSD Feeder Port  Hadsund City Port Denmark
Haderslev DKHSV Feeder Port  Haderslev City Port Denmark
Tuborg Havn DKTBH Feeder Port  Hellerup Port Denmark
Hurghada EGHRG Feeder Port  Hurghada City Port Egypt
Huelva ESHUE Feeder Port  Huelva City Port Spain
Helsinki FIHEL Feeder Port  Helsinki City Port Finland
Hanko FIHKO Feeder Port  Hanko City Port Finland
Hamina FIHMN Feeder Port  Hamina City Port Finland
Honfleur FRHON Feeder Port  Honfleur City Port France
Heysham GBHEY Feeder Port  Heysham City Port United Kingdom
Halifax,UK GBHFX  Dry Port Halifax City Port United Kingdom
Holyhead GBHOL Feeder Port  Holyhead City Port United Kingdom
Harwich GBHRW Feeder Port  Harwich City Port United Kingdom
Hartlepool GBHTP Feeder Port  Hartlepool City Port United Kingdom
Hunterston GBHUN Feeder Port  Hunterston City Port United Kingdom
Iraki Ion(Heraklion) GRHER Feeder Port  Heraklion City Port Greece
Hong Kong HKHKGMain Port   Hong Kong City Port Hong Kong,China
Victoria Harbour HKVIC Feeder Port  Hong Kong Port Hong Kong,China
Hvar HRHVA Feeder Port  Hvar City Port Croatia
Howth IEHOW Feeder Port  Howth City Port Ireland
Hadera ILHAD Feeder Port  Hadera City Port Israel
Haifa ILHFA Feeder Port  Haifa City Port Israel
Haldia INHDA Feeder Port  Haldia City Port India
Honavar INHON Feeder Port  Honavar City Port India
Hyderabad INHYD  Dry Port Hyderabad City Port India
Hazira INHZA Feeder Port  Hazira City Port India
Ras Bahregan IRRBA Feeder Port  Hesar Port Iran
Hafnarfjordur ISHAF Feeder Port  Hafnarfjorour City Port Iceland
Husavik ISHUS Feeder Port  Husavik City Port Iceland
Straumsvik ISSTR Feeder Port  Hafnarfjorour Port Iceland
Hagi JPHAG Feeder Port  Hagi City Port Japan
Hannan JPHAN Feeder Port  Hannan City Port Japan
Hachinohe JPHHE Feeder Port  Hachinohe City Port Japan
Hiroshima JPHIJ Feeder Port  Hiroshima City Port Japan
Hikari JPHIK Feeder Port  Hikari City Port Japan
Himeji JPHIM Feeder Port  Himeji City Port Japan
Hirao JPHIR Feeder Port  Hirao City Port Japan
Hitachinaka JPHIT Feeder Port  Hitachinaka City Port Japan
Hakodate JPHKD Feeder Port  Hakodate City Port Japan
Hakata JPHKT Feeder Port  Hakata City Port Japan
Hamada JPHMD Feeder Port  Hamada City Port Japan
Hososhima JPHSM Feeder Port  Hososhima City Port Japan
Hitachi JPHTC Feeder Port  Hitachi City Port Japan
Nakanoseki JPNAN Feeder Port  Houfu Port Japan
Haeju KPHAE Feeder Port  Haeju City Port Korea, North
Hungnam KPHGM Feeder Port  Hungnam City Port Korea, North
Hambantota LKHBA Feeder Port  Hambantota City Port Sri Lanka
Huejotzingo MXHJZ  Dry Port Huejotzingo City Port Mexico
Hermosillo MXHMO Feeder Port  Hermosillo City Port Mexico
Hansweert NLHAN Feeder Port  Hansweert City Port Netherlands
Harlingen NLHAR Feeder Port  Harlingen City Port Netherlands
Helmond NLHEL  Dry Port Helmond City Port Netherlands
Hook of Holland NLHOH   Hook of Holland City Port Netherlands
Halden NOHAL Feeder Port  Halden City Port Norway
Haugesund NOHAU Feeder Port  Haugesund City Port Norway
Hammerfest NOHFT Feeder Port  Hammerfest City Port Norway
Hogset NOHOG Feeder Port  Hogset City Port Norway
Holmestrand NOHOL Feeder Port  Holmestrand City Port Norway
Horten NOHOR Feeder Port  Horten City Port Norway
Hoyanger NOHOY Feeder Port  Hoyanger City Port Norway
Harstad NOHRD Feeder Port  Harstad City Port Norway
Husnes NOHUS Feeder Port  Husnes City Port Norway
Havik NOHVK Feeder Port  Havik City Port Norway
Hamilton NZHLZ  Dry Port Hamilton City Port New Zealand
Huacho PEHCO Feeder Port  Huacho City Port Peru
Huarmey PEHMY Feeder Port  Huarmey City Port Peru
Horta PTHOR Feeder Port  Horta City Port Portugal
Halul Island QAHAI Feeder Port  Halul Island City Port Qatar
Honiara SBHIR Feeder Port  Honiara City Port Solomon Islands
Halmstad SEHAD Feeder Port  Halmstad City Port Sweden
Hallstavik SEHAL Feeder Port  Hallstavik City Port Sweden
Hargshamn SEHAN Feeder Port  Hargshamn City Port Sweden
Haparanda SEHAP Feeder Port  Haparanda City Port Sweden
Haraholmen SEHAR Feeder Port  Haraholmen City Port Sweden
Helsingborg SEHEL Feeder Port  Helsingborg City Port Sweden
Hernosand SEHER Feeder Port  Hernosand City Port Sweden
Hoganas SEHOG Feeder Port  Hoganas City Port Sweden
Holmsund SEHOL Feeder Port  Holmsund City Port Sweden
Hornefors SEHOR Feeder Port  Hornefors City Port Sweden
Husum,SE SEHSM Feeder Port  Husum City Port Sweden
Hudiksvall SEHUD Feeder Port  Hudiksvall City Port Sweden
Obbia SOOBB Feeder Port  Hobyo(Obbia) City Port Somalia
Hatyai THHDY  Dry Port Hatyai City Port Thailand
Hereke TRHER Feeder Port  Hereke City Port Turkey
Hopa TRHOP Feeder Port  Hopa City Port Turkey
Hoping TWHOP Feeder Port  Hualien Port Taiwan,China
Hsin-Chu TWHSZ  Dry Port Hsinchu City Port Taiwan,China
Hualien TWHUN Feeder Port  Hualien City Port Taiwan,China
Harrisburg, PA USHAR  Dry Port Harrisburg City Port USA
Hobart, IN USHBA  Dry Port Hobart City Port USA
Hobart, OK USHBR  Dry Port Hobart City Port USA
Humboldt, TN USHHB  Dry Port Humboldt City Port USA
Homer USHMR Feeder Port  Homer City Port USA
Honolulu USHNLMain Port   Honolulu City Port USA
Hampton, VA USHNV Feeder Port  Hampton City Port USA
Hopewell USHOP Feeder Port  Hopewell City Port USA
Houston,TX USHOUMain Port   Houston City Port USA
Hampshire USHPS  Dry Port Hampshire City Port USA
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