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Horsens (DKHOR)

Horsens, Central Denmark Region, Denmark

Port Code DKHOR Port Name Horsens
City Horsens Country/Region Denmark
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 55.853 Longitude 9.8665
Horsens port (port code: DKHOR) is a medium-sized port in Denmark. It situated at the head of Horsens Fjord.
The harbour is approached through a dredged channel and is used by medium sized dry bulk cargo vessels and oil tankers. There is a small fishing harbour and extensive facilities for yachts and pleasure craft.
The port handles approximately 100,000t of exports and 400,000t of imports. The principal exports are agricultural products, grain, malt and dairy produce, and the main imports are coal, coke, iron, timber, fertilisers and feed stuffs.
The type of vessels regularly calling at this port is cargo vessels, accounting for about 65%.

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