Halul Island (QAHAI)

Port Code QAHAI / QAHAL City Halul Island
Port Name Halul Island Country/Region Qatar
Category Port City Route MIDDLE EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Halul Island (QAHAI)



      Eastern Qatar oil port.When the east 3 standard is adopted.The maximum draught is 33.58 meters and the loading density of water is 1030.There is no tidal range.Northwest wind prevails.Compulsory pilotage, VHF 16 channels for communication, all-weather.According to the special port system, a vessel should contact Qatar Petroleum Corporation at least 72 hours before its arrival at Harol oil terminal to report the estimated arrival time of the vessel and the number of metric tons of goods required.Private station, call sign "a7s", frequency 500 kHz.The incoming tanker should monitor the traffic arrangement report of "a7s" and broadcast it at 04:00, 08:00, 12:00 and 16:00 (standard time) every day.After the first 500 kHz call, it was broadcast at 438 kHz.Other details are described in the maritime feature of radio station's first program.There is no doctor in hallur. If there is any disease on board, the details should be included in the report of estimated arrival time. In case of emergency, doctors can be sent from Hadow.Alcohol trade is strictly prohibited, and Arab countries will not provide any alcoholic beverages.The Qatari flag should be displayed on board during the day.The postal service to Europe is better. All mail sent through Qatar post office must use Qatar stamps. Blue air mail is not accepted.There are no port holidays and working hours last 24 hours a day.The anchorage is located in the east of Harol Island, the center of which is 267 degrees to Harol lighthouse, 3.7 kilometers away, 24.38 meters deep, and the bottom of the anchorage is Sandy.From the high seas you can go directly to the eastern anchorage of Harol island.Floating or piloting motorboat [channel 6] helps ships to contact the best berth.There are only small motor boats and no other port service facilities.The nearest airport is Doha Airport.Mooring facilities of oil tanker: No.1 single point mooring buoy, equipped with two 20 inch diameter and 16 inch diameter subsea oil pipelines at the tail, with length of 256.03 and 246.89 meters respectively.The No.2 single point mooring buoy is equipped with a 24 inch diameter, 20 inch tail diameter and 304.8m long submarine oil pipeline, and a 20 inch diameter, 16 inch tail diameter and 310.8m long submarine oil pipeline.The ship is moored on the buoy, and two 15 inch diameter 45.72 meter long nylon ropes on the buoy are fixed on the fore deck of the bow with the device provided by the terminal station.The stern is not moored.The Moorer will give specific guidance in the mooring process.

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Summary of QAHAI

Port of Halul Island (port code: QAHAI) is a port serving as the export terminal for Qatar Marine crude which is produced from the offshore oil fields of Idd El-Shargi, Maydan Mahzam and Bul Hanine. It is located on the southern side of the island, 52 nautical miles northeast from Doha.
The terminal is operated by Qatar Petroleum (QP) and handles approximately 150 tankers annually. It also handles sailing and fishing vessels.