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Horta (PTHOR)

Horta, Azores Autonomous Region, Portugal

Port Code PTHOR Port Name Horta
City Horta Country/Region Portugal
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 38.53167 Longitude -28.623465
Horta port (port code: PTHOR) is a medium-sized port in Portugal. It is situated in Baia da Horta.
As the principal port in the central group of Arquipelago dos Azores, this port is often used by large vessels for lightering purposes because of its location in a deep water, sandy bottomed bay which offers good holding ground. The port also has berthing alongside, located on the inside of the breakwater. The well sheltered harbour is protected by a breakwater, depth at entrance 11-22 meters, with depths at the berths ranging from 3.6-9.1 meters.
The port handles approximately 200 vessels each year. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for about 45.5%; and sailing vessels or yacht, taking up around 23%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 219 meters. The maximum draught is 7.3 meters. The maximum deadweight is 8893t.

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