Port List by city name starting with Y

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Yerevan AMYER  Dry Port Yerevan City Port Armenia
Yampi Sound AUYAM Feeder Port  Yampi Sound City Port Australia
Yamba AUYBA Feeder Port  Yamba City Port Australia
Yarmouth CAYRH Feeder Port  Yarmouth City Port Canada
Yaounde CMYAO  Dry Port Yaounde City Port Cameroon
Longkou CNLKU Feeder Port  Yantai Port China
Liudu CNLUD Feeder Port  Yunfu Port China
Laizhou CNLZO Feeder Port  Yantai Port China
Yunfu CNYFG Feeder Port  Yunfu City Port China
Yibin CNYIB  Dry Port Yibin City Port China
Yichang CNYIC Feeder Port  Yichang City Port China
Yingkou CNYIK Feeder Port  Yingkou City Port China
Yiwu CNYIU  Dry Port Yiwu City Port China
Yixing CNYIX  Dry Port Yixing City Port China
Yangjiang CNYJI Feeder Port  Yangjiang City Port China
Yantai CNYNT Feeder Port  Yantai City Port China
Yancheng CNYNZ Feeder Port  Yancheng City Port China
Yueyang CNYUY Feeder Port  Yueyang City Port China
Yangzhou CNYZH Feeder Port  Yangzhou City Port China
Yerakini GRYER Feeder Port  Yerakini City Port Greece
Youghal IEYOU Feeder Port  Youghal City Port Ireland
Yawatahama JPYAA Feeder Port  Yawatahama City Port Japan
Yatsushiro JPYAT Feeder Port  Yatsushiro City Port Japan
Yokkaichi JPYKK Feeder Port  Yokkaichi City Port Japan
Yokohama JPYOKMain Port   Yokohama City Port Japan
Yokosuka JPYOS Feeder Port  Yokosuka City Port Japan
Yeosu KRYOS Feeder Port  Yeosu City Port Korea, South
Yangon MMRGNMain Port   Yangon City Port Myanmar
Thilawa MMTLA Feeder Port  Yangon Port Myanmar
Yabucoa PRYAB  Dry Port Yabucoa City Port Puerto Rico
Sverdlovsk(Yekaterinburg) RUSVE  Dry Port Yekaterinburg City Port Russia
Yekaterinburg RUYEK  Dry Port Yekaterinburg City Port Russia
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