Port List by city name starting with R

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Mina Saqr AEMSA Feeder Port  Ras al Khaimah Port United Arab Emirates
Ras al Khaimah AERAK Feeder Port  Ras al Khaimah City Port United Arab Emirates
Ramallo ARRAM  Dry Port Ramallo City Port Argentina
Rio Grande ARRGA Feeder Port  Rio Grande City Port Argentina
Rio Gallegos ARRGL Feeder Port  Rio Gallegos City Port Argentina
Rosario ARROS  Dry Port Rosario City Port Argentina
Rockhampton AUROC Feeder Port  Rockhampton City Port Australia
Rapid Bay AURPB Feeder Port  Rapid Bay City Port Australia
Recife BRREC Feeder Port  Recife City Port Brazil
Rio Grande BRRIGMain Port   Rio Grande City Port Brazil
Rio de Janeiro BRRIOMain Port   Rio de Janeiro City Port Brazil
Sepetiba BRSPB Feeder Port  Rio de Janeiro Port Brazil
Riviere-du-Loup CARDL  Dry Port Riviere-du-Loup City Port Canada
Regina CAREG  Dry Port Regina City Port Canada
Richibucto CARIC Feeder Port  Richibucto City Port Canada
Rimouski CARIM  Dry Port Rimouski City Port Canada
Rarotonga CKRAR Feeder Port  Rarotonga Island Port Cook Islands
Rugao CNRUG  Dry Port Rugao City Port China
Rizhao CNRZH Feeder Port  Rizhao City Port China
Riohacha CORHA   Riohacha City Port Colombia
Vita CUVTA Feeder Port  Rafael Freyre Port Cuba
Regensburg DEREG Feeder Port  Regensburg City Port Germany
Rosenheim DEROS  Dry Port Rosenheim City Port Germany
Rendsburg DERSG  Dry Port Rendsburg City Port Germany
Rostock DERSK Feeder Port  Rostock City Port Germany
Randers DKRAN Feeder Port  Randers City Port Denmark
Rodbyhavn DKROD Feeder Port  Rodbyhavn City Port Denmark
Ronne DKRON Feeder Port  Ronne City Port Denmark
Rudkobing DKRUD Feeder Port  Rudkobing City Port Denmark
Rodvig DKRVG Feeder Port  Rodvig City Port Denmark
Roseau DMRSU Feeder Port  Roseau City Port Dominica
Ras Gharib EGRAG Feeder Port  Ras Gharib City Port Egypt
Ras Shukheir EGRSR Feeder Port  Ras Shukheir City Port Egypt
Ribadeo ESRDO Feeder Port  Ribadeo City Port Spain
Ribadesella ESRIB Feeder Port  Ribadesella City Port Spain
Rosas ESROS Feeder Port  Rosas City Port Spain
Rota ESROT Feeder Port  Rota City Port Spain
Raahe FIRAA Feeder Port  Raahe City Port Finland
Rauma FIRAU Feeder Port  Rauma City Port Finland
Tammisaari FITAM Feeder Port  Raseborg Port Finland
Rochefort FRROC Feeder Port  Rochefort City Port France
Roissy-En-France FRROI  Dry Port Roissy-En-France City Port France
Roscoff FRROS Feeder Port  Roscoff City Port France
Rouen FRURO  Dry Port Rouen City Port France
Ramsgate GBRAM Feeder Port  Ramsgate City Port United Kingdom
Rochester,GB GBRCS Feeder Port  Rochester City Port United Kingdom
Redcar GBRER Feeder Port  Redcar City Port United Kingdom
Rosyth GBROS Feeder Port  Rosyth City Port United Kingdom
Rothesay GBROT Feeder Port  Rothesay City Port United Kingdom
Ramsey GBRSY Feeder Port  Ramsey City Port United Kingdom
Runcorn GBRUN Feeder Port  Runcorn City Port United Kingdom
Rye GBRYE  Dry Port Rye City Port United Kingdom
Rethimnon GRRET Feeder Port  Rethimnon City Port Greece
Rhodes GRRHO Feeder Port  Rhodes City Port Greece
Roatan Island HNROI Feeder Port  Roatan City Port Honduras
Rasa HRRAS Feeder Port  Rasa City Port Croatia
Rijeka HRRJK Feeder Port  Rijeka City Port Croatia
Rathmullan IERAT Feeder Port  Rathmullan City Port Ireland
Rosslare IEROS Feeder Port  Rosslare City Port Ireland
Pipavav INPIPMain Port   Rajula Port India
Raisen INRAI  Dry Port Raisen City Port India
Rajkot INRAJ  Dry Port Rajkot City Port India
Ratnagiri INRAT Feeder Port  Ratnagiri City Port India
Redi INRED Feeder Port  Redi City Port India
Raipur INRPR  Dry Port Raipur City Port India
Icd Rewari INRRI  Dry Port Rewari City Port India
Ratlam INRTM  Dry Port Ratlam City Port India
Reykjavik ISREY Feeder Port  Reykjavik City Port Iceland
Ravenna ITRAN Feeder Port  Ravenna City Port Italy
Reggio ITREG Feeder Port  Reggio Calabria City Port Italy
Rio Marina ITRMA Feeder Port  Rio Marina City Port Italy
Rimini ITRMI Feeder Port  Rimini City Port Italy
Rome ITROM Feeder Port  Rome City Port Italy
Rio Bueno JMRBU Feeder Port  Rio Bueno City Port Jamaica
Rocky Point JMRCP Feeder Port  Rocky Point City Port Jamaica
Rumoi JPRUM Feeder Port  Rumoi City Port Japan
Rajin KPRAJ Feeder Port  Rajin City Port Korea, North
Riga LVRIX Feeder Port  Riga City Port Latvia
Ras Lanuf LYRLA Feeder Port  Ras Lanuf City Port Libya
Rabat MARBA Feeder Port  Rabat City Port Morocco
Rozenburg NLROZ Feeder Port  Rozenburg City Port Netherlands
Rotterdam NLRTMMain Port   Rotterdam City Port Netherlands
Risor NORIS Feeder Port  Risor City Port Norway
Rorvik NORVK Feeder Port  Rorvik City Port Norway
Port Russell NZPRU   Russell City Port New Zealand
Raysut OMRAY Feeder Port  Raysut City Port Oman
Rabaul PGRAB Feeder Port  Rabaul City Port Papua New Guinea
Roxas PHRXS Feeder Port  Roxas City Port Philippines
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