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Rio Grande (BRRIG)

Rio Grande, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Port Code BRRIG Port Name Rio Grande
City Rio Grande Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
The Port of Rio Grande (Port Code: BRRIG) is one of the main seaports of Brazil and Latin America. It's located in the city of Rio Grande, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. It's the third largest port in the country. Situated at the mouth of the northern channel and Atlantic Ocean, it is the natural outlet of the whole basin of Lagoa and its surrounding area. The port handles general cargo, bulk cargoes and petroleum products. It is also an important fishing port. The Port of Rio Grande is divided into four areas. The terminals are specialised in cargoes that respectively operate containers, agricultural bulk, oil products, petro-chemical's and fertilisers. There is a dry dock available, an area aimed at the construction of oil drilling platforms.

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