Port List by city name starting with Q

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Quequen ARQQN Feeder Port  Quequen City Port Argentina
Quebec CAQUE  Dry Port Quebec City Port Canada
Puerto Quemchi CLPQI Feeder Port  Quemchi City Port Chile
Puerto Quellon CLPQN Feeder Port  Quellon City Port Chile
Quemchi CLQMC Feeder Port  Quemchi City Port Chile
Quintero CLQTV Feeder Port  Quintero City Port Chile
Qingyuan CNQGY Feeder Port  Qingyuan City Port China
Qinzhou CNQZH Feeder Port  Qinzhou City Port China
Quanzhou CNQZJ Feeder Port  Quanzhou City Port China
Quzhou CNQZS  Dry Port Quzhou City Port China
Qinhuangdao CNSHF Feeder Port  Qinhuangdao City Port China
Qingdao CNTAOMain Port   Qingdao City Port China
Quepos CRQUE Feeder Port  Quepos City Port Costa Rica
Quito ECUIO  Dry Port Quito City Port Ecuador
Port Jerome FRPJE Feeder Port  Quillebeuf Sur Seine Port France
Quimper FRQUI  Dry Port Quimper City Port France
Hound Point GBHOP Feeder Port  Queensferry Port United Kingdom
Quilon INQUI Feeder Port  Quilon City Port India
Queretaro MXQRO  Dry Port Queretaro City Port Mexico
Quelimane MZQUE Feeder Port  Quelimane City Port Mozambique
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