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Quelimane (MZQUE)

Quelimane, Zambezia, Mozambique

Port Code MZQUE / MZUEL Port Name Quelimane
City Quelimane Country/Region Mozambique
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -17.8835 Longitude 36.886
Quelimane Port (Port Code: MZQUE) is a medium-sized seaport lying on the eastern bank of the river Bons Sinais. The facility offers a short maritime route for exporting the region’s crops from the province of Zambezia. Spanning 230 m, the concrete pier handles exports of Copra, sisal, tea, edible oil, timber, coconut, cotton, cashew nuts and receives shipments of fuels, lubricating oil, cement, manufactured goods, machinery and motor vehicles. Approximately 85,000 tons of cargo and 4900 TEU are handled at the port annually. It mainly handles containers and dry cargo, servicing the main regions of the city. It is also linked to the river Zambezi through inland waterways and used by the Sena sugar factory for exporting sugar through river barges.

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