Port List by city name starting with O

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Barcadera AWBAR Feeder Port  Oranjestad Port Aruba
Oranjestad AWORJ Feeder Port  Oranjestad City Port Aruba
Oostende BEOST Feeder Port  Oostende City Port Belgium
Ouagadougou BFOUA  Dry Port Ouagadougou City Port Burkina Faso
Oakville(Ont.) CAOAK Feeder Port  Oakville City Port Canada
Ocean Falls CAOFS Feeder Port  Ocean Falls City Port Canada
Owen Sound CAOSD Feeder Port  Owen Sound City Port Canada
Oshawa(Ont.) CAOSH Feeder Port  Oshawa City Port Canada
Ottawa CAOTT  Dry Port Ottawa City Port Canada
Ostrava CZOSR  Dry Port Ostrava City Port Czech
Offenbach DEOFF  Dry Port Offenbach am Main City Port Germany
Odense DKODE  Dry Port Odense City Port Denmark
Orehoved DKORE Feeder Port  Orehoved City Port Denmark
Oran DZORNMain Port   Oran City Port Algeria
Wahran(Oran) DZWAH Feeder Port  Oran City Port Algeria
Toppila FITOP  Dry Port Oulu Port Finland
Oulu FIULE Feeder Port  Oulu City Port Finland
Orleans FRORR  Dry Port Orleans City Port France
Ouistreham FROUI Feeder Port  Ouistreham City Port France
Owendo GAOWE Feeder Port  Owendo City Port Gabon
Oban GBOBN Feeder Port  Oban City Port United Kingdom
Omis HRDUG Feeder Port  Omis City Port Croatia
Icd Ghari Hararu INGHA  Dry Port Osmanabad Port India
Port Okha INPOK Feeder Port  Okha City Port India
Olbia ITOLB Feeder Port  Olbia City Port Italy
Oristano ITORI Feeder Port  Oristano City Port Italy
Ortona ITORT Feeder Port  Ortona City Port Italy
Ocho Rios Bay JMORB Feeder Port  Ocho Rios City Port Jamaica
Ofunato JPOFU Feeder Port  Ofunato City Port Japan
Oita JPOIT Feeder Port  Oita City Port Japan
Okayama JPOKA Feeder Port  Okayama City Port Japan
Okinawa JPOKI Feeder Port  Okinawa City Port Japan
Omaezaki JPOMA Feeder Port  Omaezaki City Port Japan
Onahama JPONA Feeder Port  Onahama City Port Japan
Onomichi JPONO Feeder Port  Onomichi City Port Japan
Osaka JPOSAMain Port   Osaka City Port Japan
Otake JPOTK Feeder Port  Otake City Port Japan
Otaru JPOTR Feeder Port  Otaru City Port Japan
Owase JPOWA Feeder Port  Owase City Port Japan
Osh KGOSH  Dry Port Osh City Port Kyrgyzstan
Okrika NGOKR Feeder Port  Okrika City Port Nigeria
Onitsha NGONI Feeder Port  Onitsha City Port Nigeria
Onne NGONNMain Port   Onne City Port Nigeria
Odda NOODD Feeder Port  Odda City Port Norway
Orkanger NOORK Feeder Port  Orkanger City Port Norway
Oslo NOOSL Feeder Port  Oslo City Port Norway
Thamshamn NOTHA Feeder Port  Orkanger Port Norway
Onehunga NZONE Feeder Port  Onehunga City Port New Zealand
Opua NZOPX Feeder Port  Opua City Port New Zealand
Oro Bay PGORO Feeder Port  Oro Bay City Port Papua New Guinea
Olongapo PHOLO Feeder Port  Olongapo City Port Philippines
Ormoc PHORM Feeder Port  Ormoc City Port Philippines
Ozamis PHOZC Feeder Port  Ozamis City City Port Philippines
Ormara PKORW Feeder Port  Ormara City Port Pakistan
Olhao PTOLH Feeder Port  Olhao City Port Portugal
Okhotsk RUOHO Feeder Port  Okhotsk City Port Russia
Omsk RUOMS  Dry Port Omsk City Port Russia
Onega RUONE Feeder Port  Onega City Port Russia
Orenburg RUORE  Dry Port Orenburg City Port Russia
Orsk RUORS  Dry Port Orsk City Port Russia
Oaxen SEOAX Feeder Port  Oaxen City Port Sweden
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