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Offenbach (DEOFF)

Offenbach am Main, Hessen Bundesland, Germany

Port Code DEOFF Port Name Offenbach
City Offenbach am Main Country/Region Germany
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 50.1100 Longitude 8.7649395
Offenbach Harbor (Port Code:DEOFF), located on the Main River in Frankfurt, Germany, is a former industrial port that had been utilized since the 1950s for the storage and transportation of petroleum, sand, scrap metal, and gravel. The plan to transform this area into a new commercial and residential zone has initiated a €800-million project that would change the face of the port and give it a new identity. Offenbach Harbor is a new district that will be built directly on the river in Offenbach by 2024. Offenbach Harbor is located west of Offenbach city center and is a place to live, work, relax, study, and shop.

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