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Okrika (NGOKR)

Okrika, Rivers State, Nigeria

Port Code NGOKR Port Name Okrika
City Okrika Country/Region Nigeria
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 4.7415 Longitude 7.084
Okrika port (Port Code:NGOKR) mainly functions as the loading and discharging of petroleum products at the refinery, which is served by two "L" shaped jetties with two berths each. Okrika oil refinery is situated on the Bonny River, 55km from the sea, close east of Port Harcourt. It served as a port for the exportation of palm oil after the abolition of the slave trade in the 1830s, but it was a less significant port facility than either Bonny (18 miles [46 km] south) or Opobo (32 miles [81 km] east-southeast). By 1912, Okrika had been completely eclipsed by Port Harcourt, and it was not revived as a commercial town until 1965, when the nearby Port Harcourt refinery was completed and pipelines were built to a jetty on Okrika Mainland.

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