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Onega (RUONE)

Onega, Arkhangelskaya Oblast, Russia

Port Code RUONE / RUONG Port Name Onega
City Onega Country/Region Russia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 63.9166667 Longitude 38.1
The seaport of Onega (Port Code:RUONE) is located at the mouth of the Onega River, 7km from Onega Bay in the White Sea, in front of the Ponga River estuary. Navigational period at the port lasts from May until January. The port is not available for navigation at any other time, yet icebreaker pilotage is possible on request. 12-mile access channels and ship fairways lead to the berths’ of the port. At the port of Onega there are 7 mooring berths with a 900-metre mooring wall. The port admits vessels with length of up to 242m, width of up to 32.4m and draught of up to 13.6m. 4 stevedoring companies operate at the seaport of Onega.
The port is open for navigation 6-7 months of the year, from mid-May. In autumn icebreaker assistance is generally required. A vast area of shoal waters is situated at the mouth of the river. The port specializes in timber exports. Limited repairs to vessels are available.

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