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Qingdao (CNTAO)

Qingdao, Shandong, China

Port Code CNTAO / CNQIN Port Name Qingdao
City Qingdao Country/Region China
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 36.05661 Longitude 120.3201
The Port of Qingdao (port code: CNTAO) is located on the bank of Jiaozhou Bay in Shandong Peninsula, China, on the edge of the Yellow Sea, across the sea from Japan and the Korean Peninsula. It is an international trade port and maritime transportation hub on the west coast of the Pacific Rim of China. It is mainly engaged in logistics services such as loading and unloading, storage, transfer, and distribution of various types of import and export cargo such as containers, crude oil, iron ore, coal, and grain, as well as international and domestic passenger transportation services.

The port water area of Qingdao Port is 420 square kilometers. The port has five major areas: Dagang Port Area, Huangdao Oil Port Area, Qianwan Port Area, Dongjiakou Port Area, and Weihai Port Area. Qingdao Port has trade relations with over 700 ports in 180 countries and regions worldwide. The port has more than 160 container shipping routes, direct to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Europe, the Black Sea, Russia, Africa, and Australia, with more than 500 liner ships per month.

Qingdao Port has the world's largest 400,000-ton ore terminal, 450,000-ton crude oil terminal, a container terminal that can dock the world's largest 24,000-ton vessel, and a dedicated terminal that can anchor the world's largest 227,000-ton cruise ship. As of May 2023, Qingdao Port has more than 200 container shipping routes. The port's cargo throughput in 2021 is 657 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.2%, and container throughput reaches 24.82 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%.

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