Rio de Janeiro (BRRIO)

Port Code BRRIO City Rio de Janeiro
Port Name Rio de Janeiro Country/Region Brazil
Category Port City Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Rio de Janeiro (BRRIO)



The Port of Rio de Janeiro (Port of Rio de Janeiro, port code: BRRIO) is located on the southwest coast of Nabarra Bay in the east of Brazil, confronting the city of Nitero on the opposite bank, 210 nautical miles from the port of Santos in the southwest and 500 nautical miles from the port of Paranagua , 283 nautical miles from Victoria Harbour in the northeast, 747 nautical miles from the Port of Salvador, and 3290 kilometers from the Port of Cape Town in the east. It is one of the three great natural harbors in the world.

Basic Information

  • Anchorage: 22°53'00”S 43°09'00”W
  • Latitude and longitude: 22°46'00”S,43°18'00”W
  • Chart number: 541
  • Time difference: UTC-2

Port introduction

The port of Rio de Janeiro is located in the Guanabara Bay. Guanabara Bay has a wide belly and narrow mouth, and is calm and calm. It is one of the world's three great natural harbors. The port area is located along the south coast of the west end of the Kwa Bay Bridge. Only the Moya jetty is 400 meters long in the southeast. There are 4 berths with a water depth of 7.3-9.8 meters around the port. The total length of the dock line is 8.8 meters. The other terminals are in order from south to north: Gamboa Pier 1, 2 (south bank), total length 3325 meters, front water depth 7.2-9.2 meters; San Cristóbalo Pier (south bank), total length 6325 meters, front water depth 7.0-9.5 meters; Kaju Pier (north bank) West section), total length is 1300 meters, water depth is 6.4-15.2 meters; coal and ore terminal (east section of north bank), total length is 765 meters, water depth is 11.7-12.0 meters. The total length of the quayside wharf in the port is more than 7,500 meters, with a total of 50 berths, each about 150 meters in length. Most of them are general-purpose. They carry both general cargo and steel and containers. Container ships generally dock at the north and south terminals of the port area, and ore and coal ships dock at the port area North. The tanker terminal has 8 berths, capable of berthing ships of 15,000 to 135,000 tons, and is located on small islands in the harbor. The port has long been Brazil's largest throughput port. However, it was overtaken by the Port of Santos in the late 1980s, with an annual throughput of about 25 million tons. Export coffee, cane sugar, leather, steel, iron and manganese ore; import petroleum, coal, machinery, etc.

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Summary of BRRIO

Rio de Janeiro Port (Port Code: BRRIO) is a port in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil located in a cove on the west shore of Guanabara Bay. It is the third-busiest port in Brazil in terms of cargo volume, managed by Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro. The port is maintained and operated by Autoridade Portuaria Docas do Rio (CDRJ). Exports include breakbulk cargoes, (containerised) minerals, grain and oil products. Imports include breakbulk, steel products and crude. Port of Rio de Janeiro covers territory from the Maua Pier in the east to the Wharf of the Cashew in the north. It contains almost seven thousand meters of continuous wharf and an 883-meter pier.