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Riohacha (CORHA)

Riohacha, La Guajira Department, Colombia

Port Code CORHA / CORCH Port Name Riohacha
City Riohacha Country/Region Colombia
Port Type Category Port City
Latitude 11.5688 Longitude -72.9382
Riohacha port (Port Code:CORHA) lies approximately 70 to 80NM east of Santa Marta. It lies in a very dry area of Colombia. In past times it was an important pearl fishing port. During colonial times, Riohacha was a very important port, as divers could retrieve vast numbers of pearls from the harbor. Pearling almost ceased during the 18th century and the town was all but abandoned. Today, there is a pleasant stretch of beach with shady palms and a long wooden pier in the centre. A promenade along the beach front (Calle1) is lined with banks, hotels, restaurants and tour agencies. The recommended anchorage is 1nm off the dock. The harbour is not suitable for yachts. There are no repair facilities here.

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