Yangon (MMRGN)

Port Code MMRGN City Yangon
Port Name Yangon Country/Region Myanmar
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
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Introduction of Yangon (MMRGN)



      Yangon port, built in 1852, is the largest port in Myanmar and one of the world's major rice export ports. Yangon port is the first commercial port in Myanmar. Located in the south central part of the country, the east side of the Irrawaddy River Delta and the left bank of Yangon River, 24 nautical miles away from motama Bay, Andaman Sea in the south, the 10000 ton sea liner can enter the port at tide. There are 13 berths and two berths for marine ships, including 4 rice berths, distributed at the surpagoda Wharf (Berth 1 and 2). The length of the wharf line is 505 meters, and the low tide depth is 7.3-8.5m. The length of the wharf lines of ahron and Hitler wharf is 134 and 139 meters, and the depth of water is 7.9-9.1; The 5 general cargo berths are distributed in the surpagota Wharf (berth 3-7), with the wharf line of 476m and water depth of 7.3-9.0m, which can be used for the ships with the captain of 137-160 meters and draft of 7.4-9.4m, of which Berth 3 and 4 are relatively shallow, which are used for loading and unloading along the sea; Two container berths are distributed at Boag Street Wharf and two timber export berths are distributed in bruken street; There are also passenger terminals. There are 13 buoy berths on the river for mooring. Inland waterway is connected with the water network of Irrawaddy River. The sea road reaches 165 nautical miles of maotam port in the East, 258 nautical miles from Bosheng port in the west, 762 nautical miles to Penang Port in the South and 1117 nautical miles to Singapore port.

      In 2011, Yangon port of Yangon port had 17 international ship berths, and dilova port area had 6 international ship berths, with a total of 23 berths, and 23 large ships could be docked at the same time. From 2010 to 2011, 476 foreign container ships and 1143 mixed cargo ships were docked at each wharf of Yangon port. During the four months from April to July 2011-2012, 163 foreign container ships and 279 integrated cargo ships were docked. In terms of cargo handling, the container loading and unloading capacity was 1.44 million tons, the comprehensive cargo was 1328000 tons, the loading and unloading containers were 17277 tons and 179.2 tons of comprehensive goods in 2010-2011 compared with the first four months of 2011-2012.

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Summary of MMRGN

The Port of Yangon (Port Code: MMRGN) is a port situated lying on the Yangon River and about 32 km inland from the Elephant Point on the Gulf of Martaban. All vessels calling to the Yangon Port, pilotage is compulsory if they are over 500 GRT. The Port of Yangon is the main port of Myanmar that handles approximately 90% of import and export activities in the country. Navigation is provided from the offshore fixed Pilot station located 20 nautical miles from Yangon, which can handle traffic of around 600 vessels every month. Currently, the port has capacity for vessels of up to 15,000 –20,000 DWT and works are scheduled to increase the port’s capacity for vessels up to 35,000 DWT.