Horten (NOHOR)

Port Code NOHOR City Horten
Port Name Horten Country/Region Norway
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Horten (NOHOR)



      A port on the West Bank of bushes Bay in southern Norway.When East 1 standard is adopted.The maximum draught is 8.53m and the loading density of water is 1025.The tidal range is about 0.61m, and South South westerly wind prevails.For ships with a gross tonnage of more than 50 tons, the pilot shall be appointed by ferder.Communication via tjome, VHF channel 16.Working hours: 07:00-15:30 (Sunday to Friday), no work on Saturday.When the ship arrives at the port, the customs will provide all forms, check the ship's license, cargo list, etc.Port service facilities are: ship repair, fueling, dry dock, boats, medical, traction, sewage, fresh water, supplies, repatriation.The total length of the three side berths of the new wharf is 3818.4m, and the water depth at the front is 5.18-8.53m.Huoteng wharf is 41.1 meters long and the front water depth is 4.26 meters.The water depth of the entrance channel of the canal port is 4.26 meters, and the water depth in the port is 3.04-4.88 meters.The length of the canal port wharf is 68.51 meters, and the water depth of the front is 4.26 meters.There are also two horten-moss ferry terminals operated by the railway administration.The terminal is 182.8 meters long. It can handle the ballast of any tonnage tanker. There is a 20 ton shore crane.Dry dock for 60000 DWT vessels.The main distribution center for goods storage is bogenbukta, about 7.41 km north of holmestrand. The goods can be stored only after the official of holmestrand port gives permission for storage. The telephone number is 10337 51239, and the contaminated ballast water can be accepted. The port has a safety monitoring system for regular work.Bollard mooring is also available at holmestland port, which can accommodate 11 vessels of 100000 to 280000 DWT.

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Summary of NOHOR

Horten port (port code: NOHOR) is a large port in Norway. It situated on the southeast coast of Norway, 80 kilometers south of Oslo.
Approximately 500 vessels visit the port annually. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for 41.76%; and sailing vessels or yacht, taking up around 17%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 161 meters. The maximum draught is 6.4 meters. The maximum deadweight is 10243t.