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Hamburg (DEHAM)

Hamburg, Hamburg Bundesland, Germany

Port Code DEHAM Port Name Hamburg
City Hamburg Country/Region Germany
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 53.507 Longitude 9.9619
Hamburg port (port code: DEHAM) is the largest and the most important port in Germany. It is situated on the River Elbe, 65 nautical miles from the open sea.
This port has over 320 berths, handling a wide variety of cargoes and especially prominent in container and petroleum movements. It provides facilities to load/discharge oversized units. There are also transshipment facilities, including the container block train system and the Elbe Lateral Canal which links Hamburg to Magdeburg, Aken, Riesa, Dresden, Decin and Prague, as well as Brunswick and Hanover.
This port handles approximately 121,200,000t of cargo, 8,000,000TEU, 112,200 passengers and 23,800 vessels regularly. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for about 52%; and tankers, taking up around 15%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 400 meters. The maximum draught is 15.1 meters. The maximum deadweight is 241,960t.

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