Zueitina Port (LYZUE)

Port Code LYZUE City Zueitina
Port Name ZUEITINA Country/Region Libya
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Zueitina Port (LYZUE)


      It is located on the east coast of Surt Bay, the northern coast of Libya, on the south side of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the main oil ports in Libya. It is an open port for mooring and loading at sea. Libya is rich in oil in the desert, and its proven reserves are about 4.5 billion tons, so it has the reputation of "African oil giant". Libya's oil has low sulfur content, good quality, suitable for refining, shallow reservoir and low production cost; Most of the production areas are close to the coast, not far from the European market, and the transportation is convenient and the cost is low, which makes Libya's oil competitive in the European market. Libya's annual output of crude oil is up to 160 million tons. Later, due to OPEC restrictions, production decreased. Oil production usually accounts for about 50% - 70% of GNP, and most of the oil produced is exported. The port has a large refinery with an annual processing capacity of about 20 million tons. There are 217km long oil pipelines directly to the intisar oilfield, with an annual oil transportation capacity of about 50 million tons.

      It has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The highest temperature in summer is about 35 ℃. Strong northwest wind prevails in winter, and the sea surface is often accompanied by big waves and surges, with rainstorms. There is occasional morning fog in spring and summer every year. The annual average rainfall is about 550mm. The average tide is about 0.3m.

      There are mainly five berths in Hong Kong: (1) berth a is about 3N miles offshore and the water depth is about 30m(2) Berth B is about 2.5n miles away from the shore, and the water depth is about 21m(3) Berth C is about 3N miles away from the shore and the water depth is about 30m(4) D berth is about 2.5n mile away from the shore, and the water depth is about 24m(5) Berth e is about 3N miles away from the shore and the water depth is about 30m. There are 1066.8-1219.2 mm diameter underwater oil pipes connected with the shore. It is required that the load capacity of the boom on the ship shall not be less than 7 tons, and the oil loading pipe can be lifted, and the joint specification shall be 12 ″ ASA. Handling efficiency: 6800 tons of crude oil per hour. In addition, LPG berthing area, the maximum allowable draught is 9 m, which can rely on ships about 213 m long. The handling efficiency is 950 tons per hour. There is no tug to assist in mooring, only a cabled boat is available to assist in mooring operation. Hong Kong's imports and exports are mainly oil and its products.

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Summary of LYZUE

Zueitina port (Port Code: LYZUE) is a port situated approximately 130km Southern of Benghazi. Zueitina consists of offshore loading berths for oil tankers and LPG carriers. The main cargoes handled are crude oil, naphtha, butane and propane. The LPG berth, because of it’s location, experiences different weather conditions and may be closed due to swell conditions, when the crude berths are open.
The port handled approx 270 vessels annually. LPG carriers LOA 160m, draft 8.7m and oil tankers up to 270,000dwt can be accommodated.
In 2019, Zueitina oil port was under control of armed rebel groups and operates without environmental control and regulation.