Zuara Port (LYZUA)

Port Code LYZUA City Zuara
Port Name ZUARA Country/Region Libya
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Zuara Port (LYZUA)


      Port city in Northwest Libya. It faces the Mediterranean Sea. The population is 180000. There are fishing, sponge fishing and small and medium-sized enterprises such as olive oil, flour, sardine canned food, etc. A large aluminum smelter will be built. The coastal trunk highway passes through here. It's the capital of nugatheims.

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Summary of LYZUA

Zuara port (Port Code: LYZUA) is a port situated 120km Western of Tripoli, close to the Tunisian border. The port is approached by a channel 1,000m in length which is protected by 2 breakwaters. The port handled approx 50 vessels annually.
Ships moored at Libyan barricades in winter are advised to leave the anchorage, use them for work cargo during the day, and moor further afield at night, because at that time of year there are strong, occasionally strong winds, from the north-west region.
All vessels must anchor as instructed by the port authority, and must not shift berth except on the instruction of the port authority.