El Jadida (MAEJA)

Port Code MAEJA / MAELJ City El Jadida
Port Name El Jadida Country/Region Morocco
Category Port City Route NORTH AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of El Jadida (MAEJA)



      Morocco's western Atlantic seaport.The maximum draft is 5.18 meters, and the load density of water is 1025.The maximum tidal range is 3.65m, westerly prevailing in winter and easterly prevailing in summer.Compulsory pilotage, pilot from Safi, need to be informed 24 hours in advance.Communication is via coast radio.The port is located in the southwest wind of Casablanca port, hidden behind Cape Blanco.The ship can only anchor in the Bay, which is protected by reefs and can avoid the wind from southeast to northwest.In winter, the waves are big, but the anchorage is safe.The typhoon shelter is protected by two breakwaters, the one in the north is 610 meters long and the one in the East is 600 meters long.Port service facilities are: ship repair, fueling, dry dock, small boats, medical, traction, fresh water, supplies, no sewage and repatriation.Fueling and dry dock are only for fishing boats.A wharf for domestic coastal ships is 76 meters long. Affected by the tide, the draft is limited to 4.26-5.18 meters.The front water depth is 5.79-6.09m.The minimum water depth of anchorage is 11.88 m and the maximum is 14.93 M.Access to the port should be based on tidal changes.The port is equipped with three electric cranes with a safe working load of 10 tons, three tractors and nine trailers with a safe working load of 6 tons.

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Summary of MAEJA

El Jadida port (port code: MAEJA / MAELJ) is a medium-sized port in Morocco. It is situated approximately 80 kilometers south of Casablanca and 170 kilometers north of Safi.
The port is controlled by Jorf Lasfar port and is protected by 2 breakwaters with a length of 600 meters. There are facilities for handling break bulk and dry bulk.
The principal exports from this port are sulphur, grain, vegetables and fruit. With a maximum draft of 5.1 meters being allowed, the maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 16 meters.