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Ebeye (FMEBE)

Ebeye, Marshall Islands, Micronesia

Port Code FMEBE Port Name Ebeye
City Ebeye Country/Region Micronesia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 8.783 Longitude 167.7375
Ebeye port (Port Code: FMEBE) is a secondary international port in Kwajalein Atoll of Marshall Islands. It is operated by Marshall Islands Port Authority.
Ebeye dock currently handles around 400TEUs per year. Ebeye dock consists of an ‘L’-shaped jetty and longer side berth, plus a 120m wharf adjacent to the main dock. It currently serves international cargo vessels enroute from Majuro and Guam as well as domestic shipping vessels that deliver a wide variety of imported food and household items, construction equipment and materials, and diesel fuel. Local stevedores Stevedore & Terminal Company process the loading and unloading on Ebeye Dock.

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