Essaouira (MAESS)

Port Code MAESS City Essaouira
Port Name Essaouira Country/Region Morocco
Category Port City Route NORTH AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Essaouira (MAESS)



      Morocco's Atlantic seaport.The maximum draft is about 6.40 meters, and the load density of water is 1025.The tidal range is about 2.74 meters.The westerly wind prevails in winter and the easterly wind prevails in summer.There is no navigator, but if necessary, you can ask for help from the local authorities.There is no communication station at the dock.The port is located on the Atlantic coast between Saffi and Agadir.The ship anchored at the anchorage, with a water depth of 7.31-7.92m.The dangerous season is from September to march of the next year. Big waves often make it difficult to load and unload goods.Port service facilities are: ship repair, small boats, medical, fresh water, supplies, no fuel, dry dock, traction, sewage, repatriation.There is only one small Wharf in the port for the loading and unloading of barges. Ships are anchored at sea (at high tide, the water depth is 9.14m) and are operated by barges.The anchor ground is Sandy and muddy.Eight wooden barges, one 100 hp motorboat and three motorboats (one 120 HP and two 80 HP) are available.Fresh water is supplied by a 5 ton barge.

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Summary of MAESS

Essaouira port (port code: MAESS) is a medium-sized open roadstead anchorage in Morocco. It is situated approximately 120 kilometers south of Safi.
The port has facilities for handling break bulk and dry bulk. Cargo is worked using lighters. The principal exports are agricultural products and fish. The main imports include bentonite, barley and wheat.
With a maximum draft of 6.4 meters being allowed, the maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 21 meters.