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El Paso,TX (USELP)

El Paso, Texas, USA

Port Code USELP / USEAP Port Name El Paso,TX
City El Paso Country/Region USA TX
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 31.7588 Longitude -106.4857
Port of El Paso (Port Code: USEAP) is a port serving as a critical gateway to global trade. It is used for many domestic and international economic activities across multiple industries. Based on the Comptroller’s estimate, trade through the El Paso port of entry in 2018 created 165,500 net jobs in Texas, and contributed to about $25 billion in gross domestic product (GDP). Mexico is the primary trading partner. In 2018, it handled northbound border-crossing traffic of about 811,000 trucks, more than 12 million cars (with 22 million passengers) and more than 7 million pedestrians.

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