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Europoort (NLEUR)

Europoort, South Holland, Netherlands

Port Code NLEUR Port Name Europoort
City Europoort Country/Region Netherlands
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 51.943305 Longitude 4.141812
Europoort port (port code: NLEUR) is a sub-port of Rotterdam. Being situated at Southside of the mouth of the rivers Rhine and Meuse with the hinterland consisting of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and partly France, it is one of the world's busiest ports and considered a major entry to Europe.
The most important factor contributing to the large amount of cargo shipping in and out of the port is the presence of the Maas (Meuse) and Rhine rivers. Through these rivers, it is connected to the Ruhr Area in Germany as well as Switzerland, Belgium and France. Furthermore, it is connected to its rival, the port of Antwerp by the Scheldt–Rhine Canal. Adding to its transit-function, the port is connected to Germany by the A15 highway and a railway-network. In 2007, an extra railway connection (the Betuweroute) was completed to create an extra connection to the Ruhr area.
The port handled 12 million containers in 2015. The main cargo handled include oil, coal and ore.

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