Port List by Port name starting with J

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Jebel Dhanna AEJDA Feeder Port  Jebel Dhanna City Port United Arab Emirates
Jebel Ali AEJEAMain Port   Jebel Ali City Port United Arab Emirates
Joao Pessoa BRJPA Feeder Port  Joao Pessoa City Port Brazil
Jiaxing CNJAX Feeder Port  Jiaxing City Port China
Jingdezhen CNJDZ  Dry Port Jingdezhen City Port China
Jungong Road port CNJGR Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Jiangyin CNJGY Feeder Port  Fuqing Port China
Jingzhou CNJGZ Feeder Port  Jingzhou City Port China
Jinhua CNJHA  Dry Port Jinhua City Port China
Jiangyin CNJIA Feeder Port  Jiangyin City Port China
Jiujiang CNJIU Feeder Port  Jiujiang City Port China
Jiangmen CNJMN Feeder Port  Jiangmen City Port China
Jinan CNJNA  Dry Port Jinan City Port China
Jinzhou CNJNZ Feeder Port  Jinzhou City Port China
Jiujiang CNJUJ Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Jieyang CNJYG Feeder Port  Jieyang City Port China
Jiuzhou CNJZU Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Jiaoxin CNSJJ Feeder Port  Guangzhou Port China
Jucaro CUJUC Feeder Port  Jucaro City Port Cuba
Jijel DZJIJ Feeder Port  Jijel City Port Algeria
Javea ESJAV Feeder Port  Javea City Port Spain
Jimma ETJIM  Dry Port Jimma City Port Ethiopia
Jakobshavn GLJAK Feeder Port  Jakobshavn City Port Denmark
Julianehaab GLJUL Feeder Port  Julianehaab City Port Denmark
Jeremie HTJER Feeder Port  Jeremie City Port Haiti
Jaszbereny HUJAS  Dry Port Jaszbereny City Port Hungary
Jambi IDDJB Feeder Port  Jambi City Port Indonesia
Jayapura IDDJJ Feeder Port  Djayapura City Port Indonesia
Jakarta IDJKTMain Port   Jakarta City Port Indonesia
Jakarta UTC2 IDJUT Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Jakarta NPCT IDNPC Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Jakarta UTC1 IDUTC Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Jakarta UTC3 IDUTE Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Jaffa ILJFA Feeder Port  Jaffa City Port Israel
Jammu INIXJ  Dry Port Jammu City Port India
Jafarabad INJAF Feeder Port  Jafarabad City Port India
Jakhau INJAK Feeder Port  Jakhau City Port India
Jawaharlal Nehru INJAW Feeder Port  Navi Mumbai Port India
Jamjodhpur INJDG Feeder Port  Jamjodhpur City Port India
Jaipur INJPR  Dry Port Jaipur City Port India
Jask IRJSK   Jask City Port Iran
Jounieh LBJOU   Jounieh City Port Lebanon
Jaffna LKJAF Feeder Port  Jaffna City Port Sri Lanka
Jorf Lasfar MAJOL Feeder Port  El Jadida Port Morocco
Jiutepec MXJIU  Dry Port Jiutepec City Port Mexico
Johore Bahru MYJHB Feeder Port  Johore Bahru City Port Malaysia
Johor MYPGR Feeder Port  Pasir Gudang Port Malaysia
Jolo PHJOL Feeder Port  Jolo City Port Philippines
Jose Panganiban PHJPA Feeder Port  Jose Panganiban City Port Philippines
Jobos PRJOB Feeder Port  Jobos City Port Puerto Rico
Jeddah SAJEDMain Port   Jeddah City Port Saudi Arabia
Jubail SAJUB Feeder Port  Jubail City Port Saudi Arabia
Juaymah Terminal SAJUT Feeder Port  Dhahran Port Saudi Arabia
Juba SDJUM  Dry Port Juba City Port South Sudan
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