Jiangyin Port (CNJGY)

Port Code CNJGY City Fuqing
Port Name FUQING>JIANGYIN Country/Region China
Category Port Route CHINA MAINLAND
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Jiangyin Port (CNJGY)


Jiangyin International Terminal (Fuzhou Xingang International Container Terminal ) is located in the Fuqing Jiangyin Peninsula (Port of Jiangyin)

Fujian Jiangyin Port is one of the two regional centers in Fujian. It is currently applying for a national-level bonded port area. In the in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development, Fuzhou has taken the Fuzhou Bonded Logistics Park and Fuqing Export Zone that have been put into operation in Jiangyin Port Area. The processing zone, the Fuzhou New Port and the Jiangyin Railway Logistics Park under construction will be integrated to create the Fuzhou Free Trade Port Zone and actively promote the docking with the Taiwan Free Trade Port Zone. It is currently waiting for the approval of the relevant state ministries and commissions. 

Fuqing City is located on the southeastern coast and borders the Taiwan Strait in the east. It is the closest city from the mainland of the motherland to Taiwan. The nearest is only 84 nautical miles away from Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is also an important window for Fujian Province to cooperate with Taiwan and with foreign countries. Especially with the development of Fuzhou New Port in 2008, it has brought a historic opportunity of a lifetime to Fuqing. Located on the Jiangyin Peninsula in Fuqing, Fujian Jiangyin Port is one of the two important development ports in Fujian Province and an important base for future foreign economic development. In the future, Jiangyin Port will surely become a hub port on the west side of the Taiwan Strait. Because she inherited the land. The Jiangyin port area has wide water depths, no freezing, no silt, and natural shelter from the wind. Large ships above 200,000 tons can navigate, berth and turn around here. The entry and exit of the port are not restricted by channels and tides throughout the year. The rare, best deep-water port in Fujian. Jiangyin Port has an important location. It can reach Baodao in the front and exit the Pacific Ocean in the east. Afterwards, it can radiate to the vast inland areas of Jiangyin, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chongqing. The area surrounding Jiangyin also covers the provincial capital. The counties and districts with the strongest economic strength. All of these are the basic conditions for the achievement of Jiangyin Port's unique future.

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