Jucaro Port (CUJUC)

Port Code CUJUC City Jucaro
Port Name JUCARO Country/Region Cuba
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Jucaro Port (CUJUC)


      Cuba port.It is located on the South Bank of the country with a maximum water depth of 8.84 meters.The specific gravity of water is 1025.The tidal range is 0.46 m, and the east wind prevails.You have to pilot when you enter the port.The pilot station is in Breton cay or Cayo Blanco Zaza, and the ships enter the port only in the daytime.When entering the port from the approach channel of tunas, the draft of the ship can reach 6.71m.Entering the port from the Breton approach channel, the draft of the ship is 8.84m.Port communication: jucar radio-282khz, 2760khz.There are: motor boats, tugboats, fresh water supply, medical treatment and food supply.Berths: Boca Grande wharf: sugar is loaded by barge.Warehouse: 10000 packets of sugar.Palo alfo wharf: muddy bottom.Warehouse: 25000 bags.SANFA Maria wharf.

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Summary of CUJUC

Jucaro (Port Code:CUJUC) is situated on the south side of Cuba, at the head of Golfo de Ana Maria. The port mainly handles the export of sugar products, which are transhipped by lighters to vessels in the anchorages. The sub port of Palo Alto is 7nm southwest from Jucaro. Max size: Canal de Breton and Jucaro Anchorage: Draught 8.8m. Canal del Pingue: 6.7m.

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