Jakarta NPCT Port (IDNPC)

Port Code IDNPC City Jakarta
Port Name JAKARTA>JAKARTA NPCT Country/Region Indonesia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Jakarta NPCT Port (IDNPC)


Jakarta Port is the outer port of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Located in the northwest of Java Island in the central part of the country, to the northeast of the port city, facing the Java Sea. It is 70 nautical miles from the Sunda Strait to the west, 523 nautical miles to the Port of Singapore, 392 nautical miles to Surabaya (Surabaya Port) to the east, 622 nautical miles to the Lombok Strait, 775 nautical miles to Wujiepan Port, and to Western Australia via the Sunda Strait 1750 nautical miles from Fremant Port to 4500 nautical miles from Durban Port, South Africa.

The port area stretches from east to west, and the wharf is dug into the shore of the port basin. There are 3 north-south harbour basins in the main port area. From west to east, the first port basin has a total length of 2543 meters and a water depth of 5-8 meters along the side. The second port basin has a total length of 1,900 meters and a water depth of 7-9 meters along the side; there are also fertilizer terminals in the port basin, each with a length of 150 meters. The west bank terminal line of the third harbor basin has a total length of 1080 meters and a water depth of 8.0-10.5 meters along the side; the east bank terminal line is 1080 meters, of which 650 meters of the shoreline is a container terminal and 3 container berths. The container loading and unloading capacity of the terminal is up to 1.22 million. TEUs, up to 3 million TEUs in 2000, to adapt to this growth momentum, the authorities are building a new 440-meter pier next to the current pier. To the east of the main port there is an oil and bulk grain port area with a water depth of 9-10 meters, and to the southwest of the main port area there is a 663-meter coastal ship harbor with a water depth of 3-4 meters. There are 13 west buoys in the port area, 6 of which can moor ships of 15,000 tons; 14 east buoys can moor ships of 50 to 18,000 tons. The port has a coastline of 6,800 meters and more than 40 berths, with an annual throughput of more than 30 million tons, ranking first among all comprehensive commercial ports in the country.

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Summary of IDNPC

Jakarta NPCT Port (port code: IDNPC) is New Priok Container Terminal in Jakarta, Indonesia.
New Priok Port, which is also known as Kalibaru Port, is an extension of Tanjung Priok Port, the busiest and most advanced Indonesian seaport, handling more than 50% of Indonesia's trans-shipment cargo traffic. The extension will increase annual capacity of Tanjung Priok Port more than triple. Annual capacity will increase from five million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of containers to 18 million TEU and the port will be able to facilitate triple-E class container ships (with an 18,000 TEU capacity) in a 300 meters wide two-way sea lane.

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