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Jiujiang (CNJUJ)

Foshan, Guangdong, China

Port Code CNJUJ Port Name Jiujiang
City Foshan Country/Region China
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 22.83 Longitude 113
Jiujiang Port (Port Code), located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, is the largest water transport port in Jiangxi Province, the largest port in Jiangxi Province, is one of the ten Yangtze River ports. Jiujiang Port has 116 production berths, including 102 deep-water shoreline berths with a maximum lifting capacity of 800 tons and a cargo handling capacity of nearly 30 million tons. It is predicted that the cargo handling capacity of Jiujiang port will reach 59 million tons in 2010, among which the container handling capacity will reach 600,000 TEUS. In 2020, the cargo handling capacity of Jiujiang port will reach 100 million tons, and it will become one of ports with a cargo handling capacity of 100 million tons. However, jiujiang Port will face the problem of excess cargo handling capacity after its cargo handling capacity increases, especially after it became one of the first ports across the Taiwan Strait to open direct shipping routes in November 2008, and cargo can be directly shipped to Taiwan.

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