Port List by Port name starting with W

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Wallaroo AUWAL Feeder Port  Wallaroo City Port Australia
Wyndham AUWDM  Dry Port Wyndham City Port Australia
Weipa AUWEI Feeder Port  Weipa City Port Australia
Whyalla AUWYA Feeder Port  Whyalla City Port Australia
Welland(ONT.) CAWEL Feeder Port  Welland City Port Canada
Weymouth,CA CAWEY Feeder Port  Weymouth City Port Canada
Windsor(ONT.) CAWIN  Dry Port Windsor City Port Canada
Winnipeg CAWNP  Dry Port Winnipeg City Port Canada
Woodfibre CAWOO Feeder Port  Woodfibre City Port Canada
West Vancouver CAWVR Feeder Port  West Vancouver City Port Canada
Wuhan CNNHNMain Port   Wuhan City Port China
Wafangdian CNWAF  Dry Port Wafangdian City Port China
Weihai CNWEI Feeder Port  Weihai City Port China
Wenling CNWEN  Dry Port Wenling City Port China
Waigaoqiao CNWGQ Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Wuhu CNWHI Feeder Port  Wuhu City Port China
Wenzhou CNWNZ Feeder Port  Wenzhou City Port China
Wusong CNWSW Feeder Port  Shanghai Port China
Wuchong CNWUC Feeder Port  Guangzhou Port China
Wujiang CNWUJ  Dry Port Maanshan Port China
Wuzhou CNWUZ Feeder Port  Wuzhou City Port China
Wuxi CNWXS Feeder Port  Wuxi City Port China
Wismar DEWIS Feeder Port  Wismar City Port Germany
Wilhelmsburg DEWLG Feeder Port  Hamburg Port Germany
Wolfsburg DEWOB  Dry Port Wolfsburg City Port Germany
Wilhelmshaven DEWVNMain Port   Wilhelmshaven City Port Germany
Wahran(Oran) DZWAH Feeder Port  Oran City Port Algeria
Wadi Feiran EGWDF Feeder Port  Wadi Feiran City Port Egypt
Warkworth GBWAR Feeder Port  Warkworth City Port United Kingdom
Whitby GBWBY Feeder Port  Whitby City Port United Kingdom
Westray GBWES Feeder Port  Westray City Port United Kingdom
Weymouth GBWEY Feeder Port  Weymouth City Port United Kingdom
Whitstable GBWHI Feeder Port  Whitstable City Port United Kingdom
Whitehaven GBWHN Feeder Port  Whitehaven City Port United Kingdom
Wick GBWIC Feeder Port  Wick City Port United Kingdom
Wisbech GBWIS  Dry Port Wisbech City Port United Kingdom
Workington GBWOR Feeder Port  Workington City Port United Kingdom
Warrenpoint GBWRP Feeder Port  Warrenpoint City Port United Kingdom
Winneba GHWEA Feeder Port  Winneba City Port Ghana
Waterford IEWAT Feeder Port  Waterford City Port Ireland
Wexford IEWEX Feeder Port  Wexford City Port Ireland
Wicklow IEWIC Feeder Port  Wicklow City Port Ireland
Waluj INWAL  Dry Port Waluj City Port India
Wakayama JPWAK Feeder Port  Wakayama City Port Japan
Wakamatsu JPWKU Feeder Port  Kitakyushu Port Japan
Wonsan KPWON Feeder Port  Wonsan City Port Korea, North
Windhoek NAWDH  Dry Port Windhoek City Port Namibia
Walvis Bay NAWVB Feeder Port  Walvis Bay City Port Namibia
Warri NGWAR Feeder Port  Warri City Port Nigeria
Willemstad NLWIL Feeder Port  Willemstad City Port Netherlands
Wanganui NZWAN Feeder Port  Wanganui City Port New Zealand
Waverley Harbour NZWAV Feeder Port  Dunedin Port New Zealand
Whakatane NZWHK Feeder Port  Whakatane City Port New Zealand
Wellington NZWLGMain Port   Wellington City Port New Zealand
Whangarei NZWRE Feeder Port  Whangarei City Port New Zealand
Westport NZWSZ Feeder Port  Westport City Port New Zealand
Wewak PGWWK Feeder Port  Wewak City Port Papua New Guinea
Wroclaw PLWRO  Dry Port Wroclaw City Port Poland
Warsaw PLWSW  Dry Port Warsaw City Port Poland
Wallhamn SEWHN Feeder Port  Wallhamn City Port Sweden
Wallvik SEWVK Feeder Port  Wallvik City Port Sweden
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