Port List by Port name starting with L

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Luanda AOLAD Feeder Port  Luanda City Port Angola
Lobito AOLOB Feeder Port  Lobito City Port Angola
La Plata ARLPG Feeder Port  La Plata City Port Argentina
Linz ATLNZ Feeder Port  Linz City Port Austria
Launceston AULAU Feeder Port  Launceston City Port Australia
Lucinda AULCC Feeder Port  Lucinda City Port Australia
Liege BELGE Feeder Port  Liege City Port Belgium
La Paz BOLPZ  Dry Port La Paz City Port Bolivia
Little San Salvador Island BSLSS   Little San Salvador Island City Port Bahamas
La Have CALAH Feeder Port  La Have City Port Canada
Leamington CALEA Feeder Port  Leamington City Port Canada
Liverpool CALIV Feeder Port  Liverpool City Port Canada
Little Narrows CALNA Feeder Port  Little Narrows City Port Canada
Lockeport CALOC Feeder Port  Lockeport City Port Canada
Louisburg CALOU   Louisburg City Port Canada
Lunenburg CALUN   Lunenburg City Port Canada
Likasi CDLKS  Dry Port Likasi City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lubumbashi CDLUB  Dry Port Lubumbashi City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lausanne CHLAU  Dry Port Lausanne City Port Switzerland
Lota CLLOT Feeder Port  Lota City Port Chile
Lirquen CLLQNMain Port   Lirquen City Port Chile
La Serena CLLSE Feeder Port  La Serena City Port Chile
Lanzhou CNLAZ  Dry Port Lanzhou City Port China
Langfang CNLFZ  Dry Port Langfang City Port China
Longkou CNLKU Feeder Port  Yantai Port China
Linhai CNLNH Feeder Port  Taizhou Port China
Lanshi CNLNS Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Lishui CNLSS  Dry Port Lishui City Port China
Liudu CNLUD Feeder Port  Yunfu Port China
Leliu CNLUU Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Luzhou CNLUZ Feeder Port  Luzhou City Port China
Lianyungang CNLYGMain Port   Lianyungang City Port China
Liuzhou CNLZH  Dry Port Liuzhou City Port China
Laizhou CNLZO Feeder Port  Yantai Port China
La Habana CUHAV Feeder Port  Havana City Port Cuba
Latchi CYLAT Feeder Port  Latchi City Port Cyprus
Larnaca CYLCA Feeder Port  Larnaca City Port Cyprus
Limassol CYLMS Feeder Port  Limassol City Port Cyprus
Laboe DELAB   Laboe City Port Germany
Lubeck DELBC Feeder Port  Lubeck City Port Germany
Leipzig DELEI  Dry Port Leipzig City Port Germany
Leer DELER Feeder Port  Leer City Port Germany
Lindau DELIU  Dry Port Lindau City Port Germany
Lemvig DKLEM Feeder Port  Lemvig City Port Denmark
La Romana DOLRM Feeder Port  La Romana City Port Dominican Republic
La Libertad,EC ECLLD Feeder Port  La Libertad City Port Ecuador
La Coruna ESLCG Feeder Port  La Coruna City Port Spain
Las Palmas ESLPA Feeder Port  Las Palmas City Port Spain
Luarca ESLUA Feeder Port  Luarca City Port Spain
Loviisa FILOV Feeder Port  Loviisa City Port Finland
Labasa FJLBS Feeder Port  Labasa City Port Fiji
Levuka FJLEV Feeder Port  Levuka City Port Fiji
Lautoka FJLTK Feeder Port  Lautoka City Port Fiji
Landerneau FRLAN  Dry Port Landerneau City Port France
Lavera FRLAV Feeder Port  Lavera City Port France
Le Chateau FRLCH Feeder Port  Le Chateau City Port France
La Ciotat FRLCT Feeder Port  La Ciotat City Port France
Le Havre FRLEHMain Port   Le Havre City Port France
Libourne FRLIB Feeder Port  Libourne City Port France
Lille FRLIL  Dry Port Lille City Port France
Lyon FRLIO Feeder Port  Lyon City Port France
La Nouvelle FRLNO Feeder Port  La Nouvelle City Port France
Loctudy FRLOC Feeder Port  Loctudy City Port France
La Pallice FRLPA Feeder Port  La Rochelle Port France
La Rochelle FRLRH Feeder Port  La Rochelle City Port France
Lorient FRLRT Feeder Port  Lorient City Port France
Le Verdon FRLVE   Le Verdon City Port France
Le Treport FRTPT   Le Treport City Port France
Libreville GALBV Feeder Port  Libreville City Port Gabon
Lucina Terminal GALUT Feeder Port  Mayoumba Port Gabon
Lancaster GBLAN Feeder Port  Lancaster City Port United Kingdom
Leeds GBLBA  Dry Port Leeds City Port United Kingdom
Loch Boisdale GBLBO Feeder Port  Loch Boisdale City Port United Kingdom
Londonderry GBLDY Feeder Port  Londonderry City Port United Kingdom
Leith GBLEI Feeder Port  Leith City Port United Kingdom
London Gateway GBLGPMain Port   Stanford le Hope Port United Kingdom
Largs GBLGS Feeder Port  Largs City Port United Kingdom
Littlehampton GBLIT Feeder Port  Littlehampton City Port United Kingdom
Liverpool GBLIV Feeder Port  Liverpool City Port United Kingdom
Llanddulas GBLLS Feeder Port  Llanddulas City Port United Kingdom
Loch Maddy GBLMA Feeder Port  Loch Maddy City Port United Kingdom
Larne GBLNE Feeder Port  Larne City Port United Kingdom
Looe GBLOE   Looe City Port United Kingdom
London GBLON Feeder Port  London City Port United Kingdom
Lochaline Pier GBLOP Feeder Port  Lochaline Pier City Port United Kingdom
Lossiemouth GBLOS   Lossiemouth City Port United Kingdom
Lowestoft GBLOW Feeder Port  Lowestoft City Port United Kingdom
London Thamesport GBLTP Feeder Port  Isle of Grain Port United Kingdom
Lerwick GBLWK Feeder Port  Lerwick City Port United Kingdom
Lybster GBLYB   Lybster City Port United Kingdom
Luba GQLUB Feeder Port  Luba City Port Equatorial Guinea
Lavrio GRLAV Feeder Port  Lavrio City Port Greece
Leros Island GRLEI   Leros City Port Greece
Limin Sirou GRLIS Feeder Port  Limin Sirou City Port Greece
Livingston GTLIV Feeder Port  Livingston City Port Guatemala
La Ceiba HNLCE Feeder Port  La Ceiba City Port Honduras
Les Cayes HTACA Feeder Port  Les Cayes City Port Haiti
Lafiteau HTLFT Feeder Port  Port-au-Prince Port Haiti
Luwuk IDLUW Feeder Port  Luwuk City Port Indonesia
Limerick IELMK Feeder Port  Limerick City Port Ireland
Loni INLON  Dry Port Ghaziabad City Port India
Ludhiana INLUD  Dry Port Ludhiana City Port India
Lingah IRLIN Feeder Port  Lingah City Port Iran
Lavan Island IRLVI Feeder Port  Lavan Island City Port Iran
Livorno ITLEG Feeder Port  Livorno City Port Italy
Licata ITLIC Feeder Port  Licata City Port Italy
La Maddalena ITLMA Feeder Port  La Maddalena City Port Italy
Lampedusa ITLMP Feeder Port  Lampedusa City Port Italy
La Spezia ITSPEMain Port   La Spezia City Port Italy
Lucea JMLUC Feeder Port  Lucea City Port Jamaica
Lamu KELAU Feeder Port  Lamu City Port Kenya
Luxembourg LULUX  Dry Port Luxembourg City Port Luxembourg
Liepaja LVLPX Feeder Port  Liepaja City Port Latvia
Larache MALAR Feeder Port  Larache City Port Morocco
La Trinite MQTRI   La Trinite City Port France
Little Bay MSLTB Feeder Port  Montserrat Port United Kingdom
Lilongwe MWLIL  Dry Port Lilongwe City Port Malawi
La Paz MXLAP Feeder Port  La Paz City Port Mexico
Lerma de Villada MXLDV  Dry Port Lerma de Villada City Port Mexico
Lerma MXLEM  Dry Port Mexico City Port Mexico
Leon MXLEN  Dry Port Leon City Port Mexico
Los Mochis MXLMM  Dry Port Los Mochis City Port Mexico
Loreto MXLTO Feeder Port  Loreto City Port Mexico
Lazaro Cardenas MXLZCMain Port   Lazaro Cardenas City Port Mexico
Lahad Datu MYLAD Feeder Port  Lahad Datu City Port Malaysia
Labuan MYLBU Feeder Port  Labuan City Port Malaysia
Lundu MYLDU Feeder Port  Lundu City Port Malaysia
Lingga MYLGA Feeder Port  Lingga City Port Malaysia
Lumut MYLUM Feeder Port  Lumut City Port Malaysia
Luderitz NALUD Feeder Port  Luderitz City Port Namibia
Lagos NGLOSMain Port   Lagos City Port Nigeria
Leiden NLLDN Feeder Port  Leiden City Port Netherlands
Leeuwarden NLLEE  Dry Port Leeuwarden City Port Netherlands
Langesund NOLAN Feeder Port  Langesund City Port Norway
Larvik NOLAR Feeder Port  Larvik City Port Norway
Lillesand NOLIL Feeder Port  Lillesand City Port Norway
Lodingen NOLOD Feeder Port  Lodingen City Port Norway
Levin NZLEV  Dry Port Levin City Port New Zealand
Lyttelton NZLYTMain Port   Lyttelton City Port New Zealand
La Palma PALPA Feeder Port  La Palma City Port Panama
Las Minas PAMNP  Dry Port Las Minas City Port Panama
Lima PELIM  Dry Port Lima City Port Peru
Lobitos PELOB Feeder Port  Lobitos City Port Peru
La Pampilla PELPA Feeder Port  Callao Port Peru
Lae PGLAE Feeder Port  Lae City Port Papua New Guinea
Lihir Island PGLNV Feeder Port  Lihir Island City Port Papua New Guinea
Loloho PGLOL Feeder Port  Loloho City Port Papua New Guinea
Lorengau PGLOR Feeder Port  Lorengau City Port Papua New Guinea
Laoag PHLAO   Laoag City Port Philippines
Legaspi PHLGP Feeder Port  Legazpi City Port Philippines
Lingayen PHLIN Feeder Port  Lingayen City Port Philippines
Lahore PKLHE  Dry Port Lahore City Port Pakistan
Lodz PLLOD  Dry Port Lodz City Port Poland
Las Mareas PRLAM Feeder Port  Guayama Port Puerto Rico
Leixoes PTLEI Feeder Port  Matosinhos Port Portugal
Lisboa PTLIS Feeder Port  Lisboa City Port Portugal
Le Port RELPT Feeder Port  Le Port City Port France
Lazarev RULAZ Feeder Port  Lazarev City Port Russia
Leningrad RULEN Feeder Port  St.Petersburg Port Russia
Landskrona SELAA Feeder Port  Landskrona City Port Sweden
Lidkoping SELID Feeder Port  Lidkoping City Port Sweden
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