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La Rochelle (FRLRH)

La Rochelle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, France

Port Code FRLRH Port Name La Rochelle
City La Rochelle Country/Region France
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 46.14458 Longitude -1.166586
La Rochelle (Port code:FRLRH) is the only deep water port of the French Atlantic coast; it is ranked as the sixth most important port of France. Situated off the Atlantic Coast in France’s Bay of Biscay, La Rochelle is on the west coast of France between the cities of Nantes to the north and Bordeaux to the south.
Since the Middle-Ages the harbour has opened onto a protected strait, the Pertuis d'Antioche and is regarded as a "Door océane" or gateway to the ocean because of the presence of its three ports (fishing, trade and yachting). The city has a strong commercial tradition, having an active port from very early on in its history.

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