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Lavrio (GRLAV)

Lavrio, Attica Region, Greece

Port Code GRLAV Port Name Lavrio
City Lavrio Country/Region Greece
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 37.70966 Longitude 24.062
Lavrio (or Lavrion) Port (Port Code:GRLAV) is the third-largest passenger port in Athens and serves about 180 thousand passengers annually. It is located on the southeast coast of Attica and serves ferry routes from Athens to the Cyclades and the islands of the Northeast Aegean. It is just 1 km from the center of the coastal town of Lavrio. It is a modern port serving passenger ferries, freight ferries, yachts, sailing boats, fishing boats and cruise ships. The passenger terminals are located on the east side of the port. The pier is 250 meters long and includes 5 ramps for passenger ferries. The ferries departing from the port of Lavrion serve the islands of the Cyclades, mainly Kea and Kythnos, as well as ports in the northeast Aegean Sea.
The ferry gates can be easily reached on foot or by taxi from the center of Lavrio, as well as by car or motorbike via Leoforos Lavriou avenue. During the summer months, traffic in and around the port may be increased.

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