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Leningrad (RULEN)

St. Petersburg, Leningradskaya Oblast, Russia

Port Code RULEN Port Name Leningrad
City St. Petersburg Country/Region Russia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 59.88305555555556 Longitude 30.216666666666665
Leningrad seaport (Port Code:RULEN), now called the port of St Petersburg, is a commercial port situated on the island of the Neva Delta, at the head of Neva Bay. The port is open all year round for ice class vessels, with the help of icebreakers from Nov to Mar. Considerable variations in the water level may be experienced due to prevailing winds. The port handles a range of cargoes including bulk and general cargo, containers, Ro-Ro and passengers. The nearby Port Bronka, which is under construction, is under separate entry. Approx 59,990,000t of cargo including 15,739,200t of oil products, 7,485,000t of metals, 1,940,000t of timber, 2,620,800t of reefer cargoes, 969,000t of coal/ore, 236,900t of grain, 13,963,000t of general cargo, 2,365,000TEU and 411,920 passengers are handled annually. Max size: Max LOA 320m, 42m beam and draught 11.0m. Passenger Port: LOA 317, draught 8.8m, beam 47m.
The port first became active in 1703, almost at the same time as the founding of St. Petersburg. Maritime vessels entered the port along natural waterways and unloaded at Vasilev Island; larger ships unloaded at Kotlin Island. With the commencement of regular operations at the St. Petersburg port, the city of St. Petersburg was transformed into the chief center of Russia’s foreign trade.

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