Lamu (KELAU)

Port Code KELAU City Lamu
Port Name Lamu Country/Region Kenya
Category Port City Route EAST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Lamu (KELAU)



      The port on the Indian Ocean of Kenya has a maximum draft of 6.71 meters and a water loading density of 1025. The spring tide has a tidal range of 3.04 meters, and the southwest or northeast monsoon prevails. Pilotage is optional, and the pilot will board the ship outside Mombasa port. Communication with Mombasa radio, call sign "52F". The port, close to the mainland, has good anchorage. It is a small port on Lamu Island, close to the mainland, and has good anchorage. It is suitable for berthing ships with medium draught. The jetty is used for small boats. The anchorage water is 9.15 meters deep. See Mombasa for the documents to be prepared when entering the port. Port service facilities are: boats, medical. No ship repair, fueling, dry dock, towing, sewage, fresh water, supplies, repatriation. Cargo is loaded and unloaded by barge at anchorage. The maximum loading capacity of the barge is 60 tons.

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Summary of KELAU

Lamu Port (Port code:KELAU) in Manda Bay will become part of Kenya's bid to become the major trade hub in East Africa. It is expected to become the biggest deep-sea port in East Africa when completed. It has a deep and sheltered bay and a wide channel, which will provide ships with easier access to the port. Lamu Port will have 32 400m-long berths along 6km coastline. Seabed will be dredged up to 18m to create berths and a container terminal. The project also includes the construction of a 1.5km causeway to connect the harbour to the town and an oil terminal for loading and offloading of tankers. Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is developing a new deep-sea Lamu Port in Manda Bay, Lamu County, Kenya, aiming to create a regional transport hub.