Port List by Port name starting with X

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Xingang CNFRT  Dry Port Foshan Port China
Xinyang CNING  Dry Port Xinyang City Port China
Xi'an CNSIA  Dry Port Xi'an City Port China
Xingang CNTXGMain Port   Tianjin Port China
Xinfeng CNXAB  Dry Port Xinfeng City Port China
Xingcheng CNXCE  Dry Port Xingcheng City Port China
Xiangzhou CNXGZ Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Xiaolan CNXIL Feeder Port  Zhongshan City Port China
Xinhui CNXIN Feeder Port  xinhui Port China
Xintangzhen CNXIT   Guangzhou Port China
Xiamen CNXMNMain Port   Xiamen City Port China
Xinsha CNXNA Feeder Port  Dongguan Port China
Xinyu CNXNY  Dry Port Xinyu City Port China
Xinsheng CNXSG Feeder Port  Chongqing Port China
Xiangshan CNXSN Feeder Port  Xiangshanxian City Port China
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