Xiamen (CNXMN)

Port Code CNXMN / CNXAM City Xiamen
Port Name Xiamen Country/Region China
Category Port City Route CHINA MAINLAND
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Introduction of Xiamen (CNXMN)



      Port of  Xiamen refers to the port area surrounding Xiamen Bay and Dongshan Bay on the west bank of the Taiwan Strait, including DongduHaicang, Xiang'an, Zhaoyin, Houshi, Shi Ten port areas including Ma, Gulei, Dongshan, Yunxiao and Zhao'an. The transportation administrative department for the administrative management of ports, waterways and waterway transportation is the Xiamen Port Administration Bureau. Xiamen Port is one of China's major coastal ports, an important hub of China's comprehensive transportation system, a trunk port for container transportation, a regional hub port on the southeast coast, and a major shipping port to Taiwan.

Port conditions

The harbor is a natural barrier formed by islands such as large and small Kinmen. The water area in the harbor is wide, the water depth is small, and the water is not frozen and silted. The coastline is 202.3 kilometers long, and the coastline suitable for port construction is 60.5 kilometers; the anchorage area is 19 square kilometers. The approaching channel is about 42 kilometers long, with a water depth of -14 meters, and 100,000-ton ships enter and exit the port all-weather.

At present, there are 122 productive berths and 33 deep-water berths in the port, including dedicated terminals for containers, oil, and coal. The sixth-generation container ships can directly berth. There are a total of 53 international container liner routes to major ports around the world. In 2006, the port completed a total cargo throughput of 77,920,700 tons, container throughput exceeded 4 million TEUs, reaching 4.013 million TEUs, investment in port infrastructure construction completed 2.65 billion yuan, and Xiamen-Jinan direct passenger routes exceeded 600,000 passengers. Reached 6075 million person-times.

Port area planning

Xiamen City

Going port area currently function with container transport, taking into account bulk grain, general cargo transport. In the future, the plan is to transform into a passenger port to Taiwan and the home port of cruise ships to provide services for large luxury cruise ships. The Haicang Port area is mainly based on container trunk transportation, taking into account the transportation of bulk cargo such as petrochemicals and coal, and actively developing the bonded port area and modern logistics service functions. Xiang'an Port Area started by taking over the relocation of the stone, bulk cargo and domestic trade container transportation functions of Dongdu Port Area, and gradually developed into container transportation, taking into consideration the transportation of bulk cargo, and actively expanding functions such as bonded logistics.


The Zhaoyin Port Area focuses on the development of container, general cargo transportation and port-side industrial development, while taking into consideration bulk grain, building materials and ro-ro passenger transportation. The Houshi Port Area mainly serves the rear port industry, mainly transporting bulk liquid and dry bulk cargoes such as petrochemicals, LNG, and coal. Shima Port Area mainly serves the local economy of Longhai, Zhangzhou, and mainly transports groceries and building materials.

Zhangpu County

The Gulei Port area mainly serves large-scale Lingang petrochemical industrial parks, focusing on petrochemical transportation and taking into account the transportation of bulk cargo. It is a large-scale deep-water port area featuring industrial ports.

Yunxiao County

Yunxiao Port District serves the economic and port-side industrial development of the surrounding areas. The preliminary plan is to focus on the transportation of bulk cargo and general cargo, which can undertake port-side industrial functions such as ship repairing and building in Xiamen Bay.

Dongshan County

Dongshan Port Area mainly serves the development of port-industry and local economy. The Chengma and Tongling operation areas develop bulk cargo and ro-ro passenger transportation to Taiwan. The Dongshan Port Area mainly serves urban tourism and takes into account the transportation of oil products.

Zhao'an County

Zhao'an Port Area serves the port industry and local economic development, mainly bulk cargo transportation.

Main routes

  • Xiamen-Japan: Kobe, Moji, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Chiba, Hitachi, Naha, Ishigaki, Metropolitan Port, Tokuyama, Mizushima, Seiko, Shimizu
  • Xiamen-United States: Long Beach, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York
  • Xiamen-Europe, Mediterranean: Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Sebrugg, Harvard, Bremerhaven, Barcelona, ​​Genoa, Naples
  • Xiamen-Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • Xiamen-Latin America: Manzanilla (Mexico), San Jose (Costa Rica), Corinto (Nicaragua), Balboa (Panama), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Callao (Peru), Iquique, Valparaiso, Lilken (Chile)
  • Xiamen-Singapore
  • Xiamen-South Korea: Busan
  • Xiamen-Kaohsiung: Re-export to ports around the world
  • Xiamen-Hong Kong: Re-export to ports around the world
  • Xiamen-Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Xiamen-Thailand: Bangkok
  • Xiamen-Cambodia: Sihanoukville
  • Xiamen-Taichung: Transit via Ishigaki, Japan

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