Port List by Port name starting with F

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Fateh Terminal AEFAT Feeder Port  Dubai Port United Arab Emirates
Fujairah AEFUJ Feeder Port  Fujairah City Port United Arab Emirates
Fuik Bay ANFKB Feeder Port  Fuik Bay City Port Netherlands
Fremantle AUFRE Feeder Port  Fremantle City Port Australia
Freeport BMFPT Feeder Port  Southampton Port United Kingdom
Florianopolis BRFLO   Florianopolis City Port Brazil
Fortaleza BRFOR Feeder Port  Fortaleza City Port Brazil
Freeport BSFPOMain Port   Freeport City Port Bahamas
Francistown BWFRA  Dry Port Francistown City Port Botswana
Forestville CAFOR Feeder Port  Forestville City Port Canada
Frobisher Bay CAFRB Feeder Port  Frobisher Bay City Port Canada
Fangchenggang CNFAN Feeder Port  Fangchenggang City Port China
Fuzhou CNFOC Feeder Port  Fuzhou City Port China
Foshan CNFOS Feeder Port  Foshan City Port China
Fuqing CNFQG Feeder Port  Fuqing City Port China
Fushun CNFSN  Dry Port Fushun City Port China
Felton CUFEL Feeder Port  Felton City Port Cuba
Famagusta CYFMG Feeder Port  Famagusta City Port Cyprus
Flensburg DEFLE Feeder Port  Flensburg City Port Germany
Frankfurt DEFRA  Dry Port Frankfurt City Port Germany
Faaborg DKFAA Feeder Port  Faaborg City Port Denmark
Frederikshavn DKFDH Feeder Port  Frederikshavn City Port Denmark
Fakse Ladeplads DKFLS Feeder Port  Fakse Ladeplads City Port Denmark
Fredericia DKFRC Feeder Port  Fredericia City Port Denmark
Frederikssund DKFSD Feeder Port  Frederikssund City Port Denmark
Frederiksvark DKFSK Feeder Port  Frederiksvark City Port Denmark
Ferrol ESFRO Feeder Port  Ferrol City Port Spain
Fecamp FRFEC Feeder Port  Fecamp City Port France
Fos Sur Mer FRFOSMain Port   Fos Sur Mer City Port France
Futuna FRFUT Feeder Port  Futuna Island City Port France
Falmouth GBFAL Feeder Port  Falmouth City Port United Kingdom
Fawley GBFAW Feeder Port  Fawley City Port United Kingdom
Finnart GBFIN Feeder Port  Finnart City Port United Kingdom
Fishguard GBFIS Feeder Port  Fishguard City Port United Kingdom
Fleetwood GBFLE Feeder Port  Fleetwood City Port United Kingdom
Flushing GBFLU Feeder Port  Flushing City Port United Kingdom
Folkestone GBFOL Feeder Port  Folkestone City Port United Kingdom
Fowey GBFOW Feeder Port  Fowey City Port United Kingdom
Fraserburgh GBFRA Feeder Port  Fraserburgh City Port United Kingdom
Felixstowe GBFXTMain Port   Felixstowe City Port United Kingdom
Faeringehavn GLFAE Feeder Port  Faeringehavn City Port Denmark
Frederikshaab GLFRE Feeder Port  Frederikshaab City Port Denmark
Fort Liberte HTFLI   Fort Liberte City Port Haiti
Fak Fak IDFAK Feeder Port  Fak Fak City Port Indonesia
Fenit IEFNT Feeder Port  Fenit City Port Ireland
Foynes IEFOV Feeder Port  Foynes City Port Ireland
Fao IQFAO Feeder Port  Fao City Port Iraq
Falconara ITFAL Feeder Port  Falconara City Port Italy
Fiumicino ITFCO Feeder Port  Fiumicino City Port Italy
Florence ITFLR  Dry Port Florence City Port Italy
foggia ITFOG  Dry Port Foggia City Port Italy
Formia ITFOR Feeder Port  Formia City Port Italy
Fukuyama JPFKY Feeder Port  Fukuyama City Port Japan
Funakawa JPFNA Feeder Port  Funakawa City Port Japan
Fukuoka JPFUK Feeder Port  Fukuoka City Port Japan
Funabashi JPFUN Feeder Port  Funabashi City Port Japan
Fanning Island KIFNI   Tabuaeran City Port Kiribati
Fomboni KMFOM Feeder Port  Fomboni City Port Comoros
Fort Dauphin MGFTU Feeder Port  Fort Dauphin City Port Madagascar
Farafangana MGRVA Feeder Port  Farafangana City Port Madagascar
Fort de France MQFDF Feeder Port  Fort de France City Port France
Frontera MXFRO Feeder Port  Frontera City Port Mexico
Forcados NGFOR Feeder Port  Forcados City Port Nigeria
Flushing(Vlissingen) NLFIU Feeder Port  Vlissingen City Port Netherlands
Fagerstrand NOFAG Feeder Port  Fagerstrand City Port Norway
Farsund NOFAR Feeder Port  Farsund City Port Norway
Flekkefjord NOFLE Feeder Port  Flekkefjord City Port Norway
Floro NOFLO Feeder Port  Floro City Port Norway
Fredrikstad NOFRK Feeder Port  Fredrikstad City Port Norway
Faisalabad PKLYP  Dry Port Faisalabad City Port Pakistan
Fajardo PRFAJ Feeder Port  Fajardo City Port Puerto Rico
Figueira da Foz PTFIG Feeder Port  Figueira da Foz City Port Portugal
Funchal PTFNC Feeder Port  Funchal City Port Portugal
Fenix PYFEN Feeder Port  Asuncion Port Paraguay
Falkenberg SEFAG Feeder Port  Falkenberg City Port Sweden
Farosund SEFAR Feeder Port  Farosund City Port Sweden
Freetown SLFNA Feeder Port  Freetown City Port Sierra Leone
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