Fukuoka Port (JPFUK)

Port Code JPFUK City Fukuoka
Port Name FUKUOKA Country/Region Japan
Category Port City Route JAPANESE BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Fukuoka Port (JPFUK)

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Summary of JPFUK

Fukuoka Port (Port Code: JPFUK) has many transit hubs, Hakata port is one of Fukuoka's main transit hubs, connecting Fukuoka to many of the nearby islands, including lki and Tsushima, as well as to the South Korean city of Busan.
It has been developing as a hub for international exchanges with the Korean Peninsula and the mainland China since ancient times. In recent years, the port has been welcoming a number of domestic and international cruise ships as it is located about 200km to Busan, Korea and about 900km to Shanghai, China. Hakata Port has a liner passenger service connecting the port with Busan, Korea in about three hours and handles the largest number of international passengers among sea ports in Japan. Hakata Port is located in Fukuoka City, a comfortable city where a resort area with rich nature and an attractive urban area coexist and keep a good balance. The city has a good access to the port. Its compactness enables many tourists enjoy sightseeing to historical shrines and temples or shopping. The city is also one of the best Japanese cities for good food. Visitors can enjoy variety of food such as ramen noodles and seafood.