Port List by Port name starting with I

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Islam Qala AFISL  Dry Port Islam Qala City Port Afghanistan
Ibicuy ARIBI Feeder Port  Ibicuy City Port Argentina
Innsbruck ATINN  Dry Port Innsbruck City Port Austria
Innisfail AUINN Feeder Port  Innisfail City Port Australia
ICD Kamalapur BDKAM  Dry Port Dhaka Port Bangladesh
Imbituba BRIBB Feeder Port  Imbituba City Port Brazil
Itapoa BRIOAMain Port   Itapoa City Port Brazil
Ilheus BRIOS Feeder Port  Ilheus City Port Brazil
Itaqui BRIQI Feeder Port  Itaqui Port Brazil
Itaguai BRITG Feeder Port  Itaguai City Port Brazil
Itajai BRITJMain Port   Itajai City Port Brazil
Iona CAINA Feeder Port  Iona City Port Canada
Iquique CLIQQMain Port   Iquique City Port Chile
Isabela,CU CUISA Feeder Port  Isabela City Port Cuba
Ingolstadt DEING  Dry Port Ingolstadt City Port Germany
Itzehoe DEITZ Feeder Port  Itzehoe City Port Germany
Ismailia EGISM Feeder Port  Ismailia City Port Egypt
Ibiza ESIBI Feeder Port  Ibiza City Port Spain
Inkoo FIINK Feeder Port  Inkoo City Port Finland
Isnas FIISN Feeder Port  Isnas City Port Finland
Ile Rousse FRIRO Feeder Port  Ile Rousse City Port France
Immingham GBIMM Feeder Port  Immingham City Port United Kingdom
Invergordon GBINV Feeder Port  Invergordon City Port United Kingdom
Isle of Grain GBIOG Feeder Port  Isle of Grain City Port United Kingdom
Ipswich GBIPS Feeder Port  Ipswich City Port United Kingdom
Irlam GBIRL  Dry Port Irlam City Port United Kingdom
Irvine GBIRV Feeder Port  Irvine City Port United Kingdom
Inverness GBIVS Feeder Port  Inverness City Port United Kingdom
Iraki Ion(Heraklion) GRHER Feeder Port  Heraklion City Port Greece
Igoumenitsa GRIGO Feeder Port  Igoumenitsa City Port Greece
Isthmia GRIST Feeder Port  Isthmia City Port Greece
Itea GRITA Feeder Port  Itea City Port Greece
Icd Agra INAGR  Dry Port Agra City Port India
Icd Aurangabad INAUR  Dry Port Aurangabad City Port India
Icd Baroda INBAR  Dry Port Vadodara City Port India
Icd Chinchwad INCCW  Dry Port Pune Port India
Icd Coimbatore INCOI  Dry Port Coimbatore City Port India
Icd Dashrath INDAS  Dry Port Vadodara Port India
Icd Dhandrikalan INDHA  Dry Port Ludhiana Port India
Icd Dighi INDIG  Dry Port Pune Port India
Icd Ghari Hararu INGHA  Dry Port Osmanabad Port India
Icd Gwalior INGWR  Dry Port Gwalior City Port India
Icd Garhi Harsaru INHAR  Dry Port Gurgaon Port India
Indore INIDR  Dry Port Indore City Port India
Icd Jodhpur INJDP  Dry Port Jodhpur City Port India
Icd Kanakpura INKAN  Dry Port Jaipur Port India
Icd Maliwada INMLD  Dry Port Aurangabad Port India
Icd Moradabad INMRD  Dry Port Moradabad City Port India
Icd Mulund INMUL  Dry Port Mumbai Port India
Icd Nasik INNAS  Dry Port Nasik City Port India
Icd Nagpur INNPR  Dry Port Nagpur City Port India
Icd Pithampur INPIT  Dry Port Indore Port India
Icd Pune Pimpri INPPI  Dry Port Pune Port India
Icd Rewari INRRI  Dry Port Rewari City Port India
Icd Sachin INSAC  Dry Port Surat Port India
Isafjordur Hofti ISISA Feeder Port  Isafjordur City Port Iceland
Imperia ITIMP Feeder Port  Imperia City Port Italy
Iho JPIHO Feeder Port  Takasago Port Japan
Imabari JPIMA Feeder Port  Imabari City Port Japan
Innoshima JPINN Feeder Port  Innoshima City Port Japan
Imari JPIRI Feeder Port  Imari City Port Japan
Ishinomaki JPISH Feeder Port  Ishinomaki City Port Japan
Ishigaki JPISI Feeder Port  Ishigaki City Port Japan
Iwakuni JPIWK Feeder Port  Iwakuni City Port Japan
Iyomishima JPIYM Feeder Port  Iyomishima City Port Japan
Izumisano JPIZU   Izumisano City Port Japan
Ishikari JPSHJ Feeder Port  Ishikari City Port Japan
Inchon KRICHMain Port   Incheon City Port Korea, South
Irapuato MXIRP   Irapuato City Port Mexico
Ibo MZIBO Feeder Port  Ibo City Port Mozambique
Inhambane MZINH Feeder Port  Inhambane City Port Mozambique
IJmuiden NLIJM Feeder Port  IJmuiden City Port Netherlands
Invercargill NZINV Feeder Port  Invercargill City Port New Zealand
Ilo PEILQ Feeder Port  Ilo City Port Peru
Iquitos PEIQU Feeder Port  Iquitos City Port Peru
Isabela PHILA Feeder Port  Isabela City Port Philippines
Iligan PHILI Feeder Port  Iligan City Port Philippines
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