Port List by Port name starting with G

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Graz ATGRZ  Dry Port Graz City Port Austria
Geraldton AUGET Feeder Port  Geraldton City Port Australia
Geelong AUGEX Feeder Port  Geelong City Port Australia
Gladstone AUGLT Feeder Port  Gladstone City Port Australia
Gove AUGOV Feeder Port  Gove City Port Australia
Gent BEGNE Feeder Port  Gent City Port Belgium
Guarulhos BRQCV  Dry Port Guarulhos City Port Brazil
George Town BSGGT Feeder Port  George Town City Port Bahamas
Gaborone BWGBE  Dry Port Gaborone City Port Botswana
Gaspe CAGAS Feeder Port  Gaspe City Port Canada
Grand Bank CAGBK Feeder Port  Grand Bank City Port Canada
Goderich CAGOD  Dry Port Goderich City Port Canada
Gold River CAGOR  Dry Port Gold River City Port Canada
Goose Bay CAGSB Feeder Port  Goose Bay City Port Canada
Goma CDGOM  Dry Port Goma City Port Democratic Republic of the Congo
Geneva CHGEN  Dry Port Geneva City Port Switzerland
Grand Bassam CIGBM Feeder Port  Grand Bassam City Port Cote D Ivoire
Guayacan CLGUA Feeder Port  Guayacan City Port Chile
Guangzhou CNCANMain Port   Guangzhou City Port China
Gulei CNGLE Feeder Port  Zhangzhou Port China
Gaomi CNGMI  Dry Port Gaomi City Port China
Gaoming CNGOM Feeder Port  Foshan Port China
Gaolan CNGON Feeder Port  Zhuhai Port China
Guigang Port CNGUG Feeder Port  Guigang City Port China
Ganzhou CNGZH  Dry Port Ganzhou City Port China
Golfito CRGLF Feeder Port  Golfito City Port Costa Rica
Guayabal CUGUA Feeder Port  Guayabal City Port Cuba
Gluckstadt DEGLU Feeder Port  Gluckstadt City Port Germany
Grasten DKGRA Feeder Port  Grasten City Port Denmark
Grenaa DKGRE Feeder Port  Grenaa City Port Denmark
Gulfhavn DKGUL Feeder Port  Magleby Port Denmark
Ghazawet DZGHA Feeder Port  Ghazawet City Port Algeria
Guayaquil ECGYEMain Port   Guayaquil City Port Ecuador
Gandia ESGAN Feeder Port  Gandia City Port Spain
Garrucha ESGAR Feeder Port  Garrucha City Port Spain
Gijon ESGIJ Feeder Port  Gijon City Port Spain
Gennevilliers FRFGL Feeder Port  Gennevilliers City Port France
Gravelines FRGLS Feeder Port  Gravelines City Port France
Granville FRGRA Feeder Port  Granville City Port France
Gamba GAGBA Feeder Port  Gamba City Port Gabon
Gainsborough GBGAI   Gainsborough City Port United Kingdom
Garlieston GBGAN Feeder Port  Garlieston City Port United Kingdom
Garston GBGAR Feeder Port  Garston City Port United Kingdom
Girvan GBGIR Feeder Port  Girvan City Port United Kingdom
Gloucester GBGLO  Dry Port Gloucester City Port United Kingdom
Glasgow GBGLW  Dry Port Glasgow City Port United Kingdom
Greenock GBGNK Feeder Port  Greenock City Port United Kingdom
Gunness Wharf GBGNW Feeder Port  Gunness Wharf City Port United Kingdom
Goole GBGOO Feeder Port  Goole City Port United Kingdom
Grangemouth GBGRG Feeder Port  Grangemouth City Port United Kingdom
Grimsby GBGRI Feeder Port  Grimsby City Port United Kingdom
Gourock GBGRK Feeder Port  Gourock City Port United Kingdom
Gravesend GBGSD Feeder Port  Gravesend City Port United Kingdom
Great Yarmouth GBGYA Feeder Port  Great Yarmouth City Port United Kingdom
Grenada GDGRE Feeder Port  Grenada City Port Grenada
Gibraltar GIGIB Feeder Port  Gibraltar City Port United Kingdom
Godthaab GLGHB Feeder Port  Godthaab City Port Denmark
Gustavia GPGUS Feeder Port  Gustavia City Port France
Gavrion GRGAV Feeder Port  Gavrion City Port Greece
Githion GRGYT Feeder Port  Githion City Port Greece
Giali GRYLI Feeder Port  Giali City Port Greece
Guatemala GTGUA  Dry Port Guatemala City City Port Guatemala
Guam GUGUMMain Port   Guam City Port USA
Georgetown,GY GYGEO Feeder Port  Georgetown City Port Guyana
Gonaives HTGVS Feeder Port  Gonaives City Port Haiti
Gorontalo IDGOR Feeder Port  Gorontalo City Port Indonesia
Gresik IDGRE Feeder Port  Gresik City Port Indonesia
Gunung Sitoli IDGSI Feeder Port  Gunung Sitoli City Port Indonesia
Greenore IEGRE Feeder Port  Greenore City Port Ireland
Galway IEGWY Feeder Port  Galway City Port Ireland
Guwahati INGAW  Dry Port Guwahati City Port India
Gurgaon INGGN  Dry Port Gurgaon City Port India
Gopalpur INGOP Feeder Port  Gopalpur City Port India
Guntur INGTR  Dry Port Guntur City Port India
Ghaziabad INGZB  Dry Port Ghaziabad City Port India
Greater Noida INSJR  Dry Port Greater Noida City Port India
Grundartangi ISGRT Feeder Port  Grundartangi City Port Iceland
Gaeta ITGAE Feeder Port  Gaeta City Port Italy
Gallipoli ITGAL Feeder Port  Gallipoli City Port Italy
Gela ITGEA Feeder Port  Gela City Port Italy
Gioia Tauro ITGIT Feeder Port  Gioia Tauro City Port Italy
Genova ITGOAMain Port   Genoa City Port Italy
Gamagori JPGAM Feeder Port  Gamagori City Port Japan
Geoje KRKJE Feeder Port  Geoje City Port Korea, South
Gunsan KRKUV Feeder Port  Gunsan City Port Korea, South
Georgetown,KY KYGEC Feeder Port  Georgetown City Port United Kingdom
Grand Cayman KYGRA Feeder Port  Grand Cayman City Port United Kingdom
Galle LKGAL Feeder Port  Galle City Port Sri Lanka
Greenville LRGRE Feeder Port  Greenville City Port Liberia
Giurgiulesti MDGIU Feeder Port  Giurgiulesti City Port Moldova
Guadalajara MXGDL  Dry Port Guadalajara City Port Mexico
Guadalupe MXGLP  Dry Port Guadalupe City Port Mexico
Guanajuato MXGUA  Dry Port Guanajuato City Port Mexico
Guaymas MXGYM Feeder Port  Guaymas City Port Mexico
Granada NIGRA Feeder Port  Granada City Port Nicaragua
Groningen NLGRO Feeder Port  Groningen City Port Netherlands
Glomfjord NOGLO Feeder Port  Glomfjord City Port Norway
Grimstad NOGTD Feeder Port  Grimstad City Port Norway
Gisborne NZGIS Feeder Port  Gisborne City Port New Zealand
Greymouth NZGRE Feeder Port  Greymouth City Port New Zealand
General San Martin PEGSM Feeder Port  General San Martin City Port Peru
General Santos PHGSA Feeder Port  General Santos City Port Philippines
Gwadar PKGWD Feeder Port  Gwadar City Port Pakistan
Gdansk PLGDNMain Port   Gdansk City Port Poland
Gdynia PLGDY Feeder Port  Gdynia City Port Poland
Guanica PRGCA Feeder Port  Guanica City Port Puerto Rico
Guayama PRGMA Feeder Port  Guayama City Port Puerto Rico
Guayanilla PRGUA Feeder Port  Guayanilla City Port Puerto Rico
Galatz ROGLZ Feeder Port  Galatz City Port Romania
Gizan SAGIZ Feeder Port  Gizan City Port Saudi Arabia
Gizo SBGIZ Feeder Port  Gizo City Port Solomon Islands
Goteborg SEGOT Feeder Port  Goteborg City Port Sweden
Gavle SEGVX Feeder Port  Gavle City Port Sweden
Georgetown,SH SHASI Feeder Port  Georgetown City Port United Kingdom
Grand Turk Island TCGDT Feeder Port  Grand Turk City Port United Kingdom
Gabes TNGAE Feeder Port  Gabes City Port Tunisia
Gelibolu TRGEL Feeder Port  Gelibolu City Port Turkey
Gemlik TRGEM Feeder Port  Gemlik City Port Turkey
Giresun TRGIR Feeder Port  Giresun City Port Turkey
Gocek TRGOC Feeder Port  Gocek City Port Turkey
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